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An Intelligent Workplace - The Maturity Model

Ryan Pimlott
August 21, 2020

Contagion Safety and Compliance at the Workplace - The Maturity Model

As we navigate through the COVID era, employers are facing challenging decisions pertaining to safety at the workplace in wake of the COVID situation. The safety of employees is of utmost importance for most organizations, but deciding what to do and how much to invest are top of mind.

For essential industries that could not afford to discontinue operation even for a day, many new safety processes and protocols were launched almost overnight. Many of these hurriedly implemented processes are manually burdensome and costly. COVID-related investments that factor in the longer-term workplace opportunities will deliver far greater ROI.


Manual Process
with Oloid
Salary/hourly costs of health screeners Reduce the cost of human capital
Contagion Risk
Human to human screening process Efficiently cycle people through screening process
Health Data Exposure
Temperature & questionnaire responses can be overheard and violate HIPAA/privacy rights Indicates whether an individual is at-risk or not
False Positives
Forehead thermometers rely on inexpensive IR sensors that measure only localized temperature and can therefore result in a high number of false positives Reduce false positives associated with weather, psychological reasons, etc.
Health Questionnaires
Verbally administered questionnaires require (manual) health screeners and present exposure risk to those health screeners Web/mobile questionnaires can assess the ‘risk-level’ prior to arrival
Constantly sanitize temperature equipment, time clocks, badge readers, etc. Reduce the number of communal surfaces w/ touchless technology

In the age of software, partnering with a company that provides long-term ROI; initially targeting COVID safety and automation, would be a responsible and worthwhile investment. 


Organizations are hesitant to allocate budget towards a ‘one-and-done’ solution. The ‘crawl-walk-run’ strategy approach is a commonly used method to deploying new and expansive software within an organization, and the same strategy is applicable when looking at an overall strategy with COVID safety as the priority. This helps organizations avoid making rash purchasing decisions with solutions that have an expiry date for value; but rather invest into a partnership that offers a ROI from solutions designed to deliver safety, operational efficiency, and workplace intelligence for many years.  

Level 1, or the crawl phase, is where most organizations find themselves after addressing the question as to whether they are adequately equipped to continue or resume business. Within this level of maturity, certain ‘manual-oriented’ entry procedures have been implemented to reduce the risk of contagion. These entry procedures frequently include manual ‘human-to-human’ temperature checks and symptom questioning upon arrival. While remaining in Level 1, the company is exposed to wage costs of the screening resources, as well as the health risks associated with human-to-human screenings in communal areas.

Level 2, or the walk phase, enables organizations to uplevel their safety procedures, by introducing cost-effective automation into the workplace. If executed well, the screening process would begin prior to an employee’s arrival to reduce the risk of contagion within congested areas or lobby areas. In addition to mitigating the contagion risk of employees who are potentially at-risk based on CDC or other health institution guidelines, the temperature screening process should be deployed in a more efficient and human-less way. By removing the human screening component, the organization can identify “at-risk” individuals without exposing the costly counterparts. An excellent reading of how the temperature screening process works can be found here - Elevated Temperature Detection AI for Workplace Safety. Level 2 should be deployed within 5-7 days of scoping the project. 

Level 3, or the run phase, indicates the business is ready to integrate into existing systems, such as Time & Attendance - contactless Time Clocks - and/or the access control system - authenticating turnstiles and/or doors. At this level, the organization has reached an adequate maturity for their safety procedures and can advance towards maximizing their ROI by replacing antiquated and costly solutions with software that expands beyond finite use cases. Whether the organization’s long-term outlook includes COVID or not, the software should now be expanded across additional use cases that deliver additional safety, more secure access, and operational excellence driven by production analytics. For those who consider COVID a longer term problem, the solutions can integrate directly into their thermal screening and wellness attestation procedures, ie. Time Clock w/ Identity Assurance, Temperature, & wellness attestation in order to clock in for shift. 

As we progress through these difficult times balancing workplace safety and allocating budgets for business longevity; and frankly future existence, Oloid’s solution is the safe investment.

As with every next generation technology, Facial Biometric presents a huge leapfrog opportunity in terms of improving security, identity assurance and the user experience, but it requires careful consideration around the application, integration and design. A well-designed system will not only lend itself for immediate benefit for security, but also opens up the possibility of additional applications of Facial Authentication for other business processes. Oloid’s vision is to enable the next generation identity and authentication infrastructure for workplaces. As show in the illustration below, the day in the life of a future worker could involve hundreds of facial authentication sessions taking place in the background – enabling the future of work.

Oloid’s identity management platform with a privacy forward design offers a comprehensive and integrated workplace solution. With  Oloid CertifyOloid Thermal and Oloid Verify using Oloid’s FaceVaultTM technology, businesses can confidently resume operations to a pre-pandemic level, while ensuring the health and safety of their workers and compliance. As all Oloid technologies are hardware agnostic, they scale easily according to the need from companies.