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[Case study] NYISE adopts a Zero Data Transfer Model for wellness attestations

Sid Mishra
September 11, 2020

NYISE adopts a Zero Data Transfer model for wellness attestations with Oloid Certify


When Lisa Blasone, HR Manager at The New York Institute for Special Education, reached out to us, she was looking to improve the current process for health symptoms and travel disclosures. The current process was laborious and time consuming and it involved manual administration of the wellness questionnaires in paper forms. 

Oloid offered its Self Certification product, Certify, as part of Oloid’s commitment to supporting non-profit and public schools during the pandemic at no cost. As Lisa explored the product, she immediately resonated with our zero data transfer model that provides 100% privacy protection for the end-users. Oloid’s Certify product is designed in a way that no wellness data is stored in Oloid’s servers. The captured responses for symptoms and travel history questions are retained inside the QR code on the end-user’s device. When the QR code is scanned, it can be directly transferred to the customer’s servers and deleted from Oloid’s application. 

Lisa, however, came up with an even simpler and elegant solution which would ensure that the data would never leave the end-user’s device. She explained to us that she expects a front desk person or security staff member to be present at entry points of her locations at all times. This person, who is currently responsible for collecting the data over paper forms, can simply inspect the QR code and expiry date visually to confirm that the wellness attestation form was filled out instead of scanning the QR code. This will achieve both her objectives - ensure compliance with wellness attestations and also ensure that end-user data never leaves their device. 

Oloid is proud to support NYISE in its great mission of helping kids and staying open in these difficult times and we are thankful to Lisa for partnering with us in implementing a model for 100% privacy of wellness attestations.