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OLOID completes SOC 2 Type II certification

OLOID is proud to announce that it has successfully completed its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification. This certification is a validation of OLOID’s adherence to the most stringent industry standards for data security and privacy, reinforcing its reputation as a trustworthy and secure physical identity and access technology provider. In OLOID’s press […]

How to avoid cybersecurity breaches?

Information and communications technology is an integral part of our lives. Without these advanced systems, it would be difficult for governments, businesses, and individuals to function properly in this digital age. However valuable as they may be, these technologies are also vulnerable to security breaches that could result in the loss of private information or […]

Securing a coworking space

The concept of physical office space is changing rapidly. The global pandemic resulted in severe lockdowns worldwide, forcing organizations to employ containment measures. As businesses move back to traditional workplaces, there is growing interest in the cost-effective option of sharing workspaces called coworking spaces. Commercial real estate has picked up on this trend and the […]

What is data encryption? What encryption techniques are used for data security?

The total amount of data on the internet is flabbergasting. Estimated at 79 zettabytes (one zettabyte is approximately one billion terabytes) in 2020, the total amount of data is expected to rise to 175 zettabytes by 2025 per Seagate UK. The growth of data communication over the global network raises a plethora of questions surrounding […]