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[Announcement] OIoid launches Certify for Wellness Attestation and Safety Compliance

Aarthi Markandey
August 11, 2020

OIoid Certify for Wellness Attestations and Safety Compliance 

The year 2020 has challenged our everyday norms in many ways. Everyday life as we know it, has already been reshaped to counter this unprecedented crisis. New countermeasures are being increasingly adopted in the workplace, as COVID-19 will leave its unwanted, but impactful stamp in its wake. As more business return to work, employers are seeking measures to ensure contagion safety at the workplace. The extent and quality of measures adopted reflect not only the business’s commitment to employees’ health and safety, but also their need to ensure compliance with government guidelines, maintain productivity levels, and play their part in flattening the pandemic curve. 

One such common counter measures is the administration of symptoms and travel history questionnaires at points of entry, commonly known as wellness attestations. While self-attestation of symptoms for employees and visitors is fast emerging as one of the popular compliance measures, it falls short on its own. Self-attestation, however, when combined with skin temperature scanning or when integrated with physical access control, improves its efficacy manyfold and provides businesses with a robust solution to mitigate the risk of contagion. Let’s find out how.

What is Employee self-attestation?

Self-attestation is a questionnaire based assessment of the known exposure and symptoms to determine the contagion risk that an employee or visitor may present to other people at the workplace. Employees and visitors need to answer some basic questions about their health levels and travel history on a daily basis, prior to entering the workplace. If the responses from the employee or visitor are determined to present contagion risk, they may need to be attended to with secondary screening measures. A symptoms questionnaire may be administered verbally, on paper, or online.

In absence of established procedures and automated products, many businesses have started with manual and in-person methods - traditional pen and paper or verbal interviews to capture and log responses along with a manual forehead thermometer check. Such manual methods, although quick to implement, require human attention and effort, which may lead to wait times for entry, loss in productivity and a sub-optimal experience. These manual processes have prompted businesses to hire additional people to carry out the screening of employees during entry, leading to increased cost. Further, such manual processes may present a health risk to the front desk staff or security personnel who may be delivering these services. Having said that, such a process may be adequate for a small businesses. 

Online questionnaires are a step-up that allow employees and visitors to self-attest before coming to the workplace from their computer or phone but still rely on humans to verify responses at each point of entry. Typically, this would require front desk or security staff to verify that the responses have been submitted and the risk determination is acceptable. When such verification has to be done over and over throughout the day, the verification is likely to be impacted by fatigue and human error and may result in costly lapses in the contagion prevention and liability containment for the business. Moreover, such a process does not integrate with other adjacent procedures such as temperature checks and physical access control. This is where an automated self attestation solution integrated with access control and thermal scanning, such as Oloid Certify steps in to provide a checkpoint that does not require verification by a human!

Oloid Certify

Oloid Certify assists businesses with 4 key contagion prevention activities:

  1. Risk Assessment & automated response logging: Capture self-attestation responses, assess risk levels based on responses and automate logging of responses to company’s systems.  
  2. Physical Access Control: Based on employee responses, restrict entry of employees/visitors graded as high-risk 
  3. Elevated Skin Temperature Detection [Optional]:  In addition to self-attested responses, include skin temperature measurement as a decision parameter to control physical access.
  4. Privacy and Safety compliance: Comply with the data privacy policy guidelines and regulations. With Oloid’s privacy-forward design, employers have the option to get all employee/visitor responses and temperature data directly delivered to employer’s servers with an option to not store any information in Oloid’s systems.
This is achieved through a simple 5 - step process outlined below:

Step 1: Employee/Visitor responds to Oloid’s web based Wellness Attestation questionnaire (based on CDC guidelines) to generate a Red (High Risk) or a Green (Low Risk) QR code. The employee has an option to either save the QR code locally on the device or get it emailed for later use. The form can be easily filled out using a tablet or a smartphone without downloading any app.

Step 2: Employee scans the QR code in their phone at the Oloid Certify scanning station placed at the workplace entrance. Employees who don’t have a mobile device can generate a QR code through an offline process and scan it in Oloid Certify.

Step 3 [Optional]: In the same flow, as a configurable next step,  the employee /visitor is thermally scanned to detect elevated skin temperature. This requires a thermographic hardware (also available from Oloid as an option called Oloid Thermal).

Step 4: Oloid Certify digitally logs employee responses and temperature measurements to the employer systems with an option to not store any information in the Oloid system.

Step 5: Access is granted to only those Employees/Visitors whose response assessment place them in the low risk category and whose skin temperature is below the threshold defined.

Oloid’s Wellness Attestation Questionnaire


The above employee entry process can be configured to include employee clock-in by integrating Oloid Certify with Oloid’s Facial Recognition based Time Clock solution. At the beginning of every shift, hourly workers at factories can verify themselves using their face, scan the QR code and get their skin temperature checked, all in one seamless flow, before clocking in and gaining access to the workplace. 

Oloid Certify QR code scanning app

Due to the slow but steady build in employment related Covid-19 litigations, driving privacy and safety compliance in day to day operations without a dip in operational efficiency has become critical for businesses. Automating safety checks, and incorporating them in the daily clock in and access processes, will help businesses resume operations with confidence.

Measure Employee skin temperature  with Oloid Certify

(Integrated with Oloid Thermal)


Oloid Certify also provides systems administrators with the ability to customize self attestation forms & risk-assessment logic, and the flexibility to configure time expiration of QR code in Oloid Certify. These are critical in allowing organizations to adapt as scientists uncover new information about COVID-19.

Key Benefits:

Organizations leveraging Oloid Certify will realize the following key benefits:

  1. Drive Privacy and Safety compliance with regulatory guidelines
  2. Easy access to self-assessment responses, in case of litigations/audit requests
  3. Enable multiple entry points to workspace with no need for human oversight
  4. Increase operational efficiency - automate safety checks like self-attestation and temperature checks, and incorporate them in the daily employee entry processes
  5. Improve productivity - administrators and supervisors can focus on their core responsibilities
  6. Ensure a safe workplace with a reduced risk for contagion
  7. Cement position as an employee centric organization
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