Modernize any building with integrated access control and biosecurity

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Oloid’s tablet-based terminal is easy to deploy and manage

Fully integrated safety and security
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Works on off-the-shelf tablet that you can buy on your own. No maintenance contracts needed. Save on expenses!

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Quick and Easy elevated skin temperature detection along with facial recognition based access and authorization.

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Automatically detect high risk individuals and restrict access while notifying designated authorities for further inspection.

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Integrates with any turnstile or automatic doorway to allow seamless access to workers authenticated by Oloid’s FaceVault®

Oloid enables the next generation occupancy management for buildings!


The Oloid difference

Privacy centric design

De-identified geometry encoding of biometric data & robust privacy controls for your employees. We do not store any images or photos.

Contactless and Hygienic

Keep workers safe by eliminating the need to touch communal surfaces within the workplace to clock in and out or pass through doorways.

Integrates with your Stack

Integrates with your existing access control, time & attendance and other IT systems. Augments with current systems, not replace them.

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