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The Cyber-Physical Identity Convergence

OLOID has certified integrations with the major Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), which enable organizations to move data seamlessly between Identity Management systems such as Okta and most of the commercially available PACS and other physical authentication systems such as timeclocks, doors, turnstiles, parking garages, elevators etc.

This confluence of identities not only improves employee experience and workplace security, it also streamlines business operations, resulting in reduced IT cost and time.  

The OLOID-Okta Integration

The OLOID and Okta integration enables organizations to pull Okta Identity and access privileges into their PACS. PACS are typically implemented on-premises and therefore require manual processes for provisioning. This integration helps organizations automate the addition and removal of users and their physical access privileges in sync with Okta data.

However, if you are unable to attend the event, you can still schedule a one-on-one demo session with the OLOID team.

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About Oktane

Oktane is an annual event hosted by Okta, which is world’s leading identity platform, to bring together the innovators and new technologies with a common goal – Identity first.

The collaboration between Okta and OLOID goes beyond the integration. Okta Ventures is among the investors who have shown their confidence in OLOID’s vision of building a world where people and systems are connected by a single unifying physical identity at the workplace.

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Cyber-Physical Login

By converging cyber and physical identities, OLOID enables frictionless and username/password-less authentication for desk-less workers. With a cyber-physical login integration between OLOID and an identity management system, such as Okta, the overall user experience can be simplified & improved. OLOID provides a Facial Recognition solution with liveness detection, and a custom domain for the team members to seamlessly log in to their employee applications.

Product Image
Product Image

OLOID Workflows

OLOID Workflows enables low code/no-code workflows and empowers your HR, IT, compliance and security teams to easily and quickly automate routine business processes without writing a single line of code.


OLOID Workflows gives you:

– Dynamic control over your PACS

– Frictionless badge provisioning

– Stronger security, unlimited scalability and flexibility

– Ability to execute building operations efficiently