Frictionless and Secure Access Control for Deskless Workers

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Oloid’s fully integrated tablet solution is the best fit for a smart factory

Fully integrated safety and security
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Works with off-the-shelf tablets. Low cost thermal camera attachment. Save on expenses of maintaining custom hardware

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Enhance safety and compliance by combining physical access and authorization with thermal camera based elevated skin temperature detection

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Eliminate manual screening by automating QR-code based wellness attestations that can scanned and verified at the points of physical entry

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Integrates with any turnstile or automatic doorway to allow touchless and secure access to workers authenticated by Oloid’s FaceVault®

Smart Factory

Oloid enables the next generation identity and authentication infrastructure!

Centralized Management

Oloid integrates with all existing access control systems. Assigning and revoking access is handled instantly from the backend access control.

Efficient Worker Flow

Enable workers to enter, exit and move through restricted areas efficiently with Access and Authorization all done in less than 1 sec with Oloid FaceVault®

Enhance worker Productivity

Boost worker productivity by eliminating long lines during shift change or lunch breaks. Time clocking, Access and Safety checks all done in less than 1 sec.

Eliminate Key Cards

With Oloid’s Facial Recognition based authentication, it eliminates ‘buddy punching’ by removing the use of non-biometric key cards. Save payroll fraud.

Safety with automated alerts

Keep the work site safe with Oloid’s automated temperature scanning and wellness attestation, by sending text/email alerts to notify a potential risk instantly.

Turnstile and Device Access

Oloid integrates with all existing doorways, turnstiles, elevators and also enables IOT devices. A worker’s day is made extremely efficient with smart access.

The Oloid difference

Privacy centric design

De-identified geometry encoding of biometric data & robust privacy controls for your employees. We do not store any images or photos.

Contactless and Hygienic

Keep workers safe by eliminating the need to touch communal surfaces within the workplace to clock in and out or pass through doorways.

Integrates with your Stack

Integrates seamlessly with your existing access control, time & attendance and other IT systems. Augment with current systems, not replace them.

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