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The Future of Work is Here

Turn Points of Access into Points of Intelligence

The age of siloed on-prem access control systems is giving way to the connected workplace where every door, every turnstile or timeclock is an opportunity to provide enhanced security and wellbeing. Oloid takes it further by turning these into not only points of intelligence, but also points of "experience".
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  • Transactions per month 5M+ Transactions Per Month
  • Endpoints 5,000+ Endpoints
  • Locations 150+ Locations
  • Integrations-1 370+ Integrations
  • Image dataset 30M+ Image Dataset
  • Line of codes 350,000+ Lines of Code
Everything you need to know

Here’s how Oloid works

Oloid helps modernize existing PACS without the need of rip and replacing any wiring, badge reader or backend systems. With flexible options such as mobile, QR-code and Facial recognition, Oloid's app that runs on standard tablets provides frictionless and contactless authentication options that are inclusive - for tech savvy smartphone and non-smartphone users.

The Smartreader App

Oloid Verify

Oloid verify is a client application installed on the off-the-shelf tablets that is capable of authenticating the user using Face, QR Code, Badge or BLE, perform validations and perform intelligent actions such as check for wellness attestation, desk reservations and access rights.

  • Easy Self Install Easy Self Installation
  • Multimodal Authentication Multi-Modal Authentication
  • Offline Operation Offline Operation
Smart Readers

AI Powered Cloud Platform

Oloid’s AI machine learning technology uses computer vision to enhance access control capabilities with modern features such as Facial Recognition, Occupancy Check and Tailgating Detection along with Machine Learning driven advanced Anomaly detection.

  • Rule-based Authorization Rule-Based Authorization
  • User management User Management
  • Analytics & Reporting Analytics & Reporting
Backend Software

Choose the Endpoint that is best suited for your Needs

Select the type of endpoint that works best for each door or turnstile. All Oloid Smart Readers connect seamlessly with existing Access Control Systems.

  • Smart Reader
  • Smart Reader Mini
  • Smart IP Cameras
  • Occupancy Counter
  • Retrofit Adapter

Enable access with Full Featured Smart Reader

Users can choose facial or mobile authentication to gain physical access. Makes the workplace inclusive and accessible to all. Offers built-in FLIR temperature scanner option.

  • checkmark Facial Auth
  • checkmark Mobile BLE
  • checkmark QR Code
  • checkmark Badge
  • checkmark Cloud Key
  • checkmark Intercomm

Compact Smart Reader with Multi-Modal Authentication

Compact and Ideal for interior doors. Offers contactless biometrics or mobile credentials to gain physical access. Makes the workplace inclusive and accessible to all.

  • checkmark Facial Auth
  • checkmark Mobile BLE
  • checkmark QR Code
  • checkmark Badge
  • checkmark Cloud Key
  • checkmark Intercomm

AI Enabled IP Cameras for Enhanced Security

Ideally suited for environments where frictionless Facial-recognition based security and access control is desired. Leverage your existing standard off-the-shelf IP cameras or purchase Oloid recommended Inexpensive Dual Lens IP Cameras that are resilient to presentation attacks by providing a 3D depth map for passive liveness detection.

  • checkmark Facial Auth
  • checkmark Badge
  • checkmark Cloud Key

Monitor and Enforce Real-time Occupancy

Privacy forward design for leveraging video feeds from standard IP cameras to automatically count entry and exit of people in your workplace. Integrates seamlessly with access control systems to generate alerts or enforce occupancy limits

  • checkmark Occupancy
  • checkmark Real-time
  • checkmark Anonymous
  • checkmark Private
  • checkmark PACS Integrated
  • checkmark Tailgating Alert

Retrofit Device for Connecting with existing PACS

Turn any regular badge reader and door into a Smart Door with Oloid's Wiegand Adapter. Connect at the door badge reader or at PACS closet.

  • checkmark Standards Based
  • checkmark Universal
  • checkmark Secure

One step closer to
Self Installation

  • checkmark Wiegand & OSDP
  • checkmark HID Badge Readers
  • checkmark Multiple Bit Formats
  • checkmark Commercial PACS
  • 1

    Select End Point Type
    Smart Reader/ IP Camera

  • 2

    Self Purchase
    Off-the-shelf Device

  • 3

    Download and Install
    Oloid Application

  • 4

    Connect to PACS
    API or Weigand Converter

  • 5

    Provision Users and Go Live
    1-2 weeks, No SI Required


Future Proof your workplace with ‘Cloud Identity Management’

Workplaces now require every IT and operational system to integrate. Why should PACS be an exception? Oloid provides the best of both worlds - Get the benefit of Oloid's smart readers and Cloud platform while continuing to leverage your existing investments in traditional access control systems. Integrate with HR, IT, Safety and SSO systems and setup business rules with Oloid's 'if-this-then-that' rule engine.
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quotes "Oloid has enhanced workplace employee safety & security by seamlessly integrating with all our entries with FLIR's thermal cameras while using the existing Badge IDs as the single source of identity" Dinkar Sindhu, CEO @ Axis Clinicals
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Leapfrog into Next Generation Access Control without the need to ‘Rip and Replace’

The Physical Access Control Industry is witnessing a generational shift. You have the choice to move from one custom hardware solution to the next or adopt industry's first "software centric" multi-modal solution that overlays on top of your existing systems.
Vineet Jain, CEO. Egnyte
quotes "Oloid was the only retrofit solution in the market that enabled integration between our PACS and visitor management & wellness attestation system. It is an essential part of our return to work plan and our employees love it. " Vineet Jain, CEO @ Egnyte
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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Oloid for?

    Oloid is best suited for business that want the benefit of a modern physical access control solution but do not want to undertake the complexity and costs of replacing controllers and badge readers. Oloid serves customer across varying sizes and industries.

  • Do users require a Smartphone?

    Oloid offers mobile BLE and QR code authentication for Smartphone users. Non smartphone users can enjoy frictionless Facial Authentication or continue to use badges. Oloid is the only truly inclusive modern access control solution.

  • How secure is Oloid?

    Oloid provides a high level of identity assurance with contactless facial biometrics, which is resistant to spoofing and presentation attacks. Mobile credentials eliminates costs of issuing and managing physical cards and security risk associated with lost, stole or borrowed badges.

  • Does Oloid ensure data privacy?

    Since Oloid integrates with existing systems of truth in real-time, it does not need to store or replicate employee data other the badge Id. Oloid employs the highest standards of security and data encryption for the information that customers chose to store and provision into Oloid.

  • How do I get software upgrades?

    Your investment in Oloid is future-proofed like Tesla. As new features and fixes become available for your Saas subscription, updates are made available in the app store and you can self-upgrade the Oloid end-points. Welcome to the new world of software readers. Bye-bye to firmware upgrades.

  • Do I need to upgrade all my doors?

    You don't have to. Oloid customers can start always start small with a limited number of doors. Our customers tell us that once employees enjoy the benefit of contactless and frictionless access, it just make sense to turn all entries into smart doors.

  • Can I connect Oloid with turnstiles?

    Absolutely! Oloid can be securely mounted on walls or on turnstile platforms. Several commonly installed turnstiles also allow for space and enclosure for Oloid to be installed inside the turnstile enclosure making it completely natural and convenient.

  • Does Oloid integrate with my PACS?

    Oloid integrates with all PACS that support Wiegand protocol. According to industry data, 95% of commercial available PACS for offices and workplaces support Wiegand.

  • Can I manage multiple buildings?

    That is again a benefit of leveraging a modern solution like Oloid. Oloid will provide seamless access across multiple buildings, campuses or even regions or countries. No need to carry different badges or cards for each location, even if they have different PACS systems.