For The Contemporary Workplace

Secure every endpoint with Smart Access Control System

Transform every door, every turnstile, and every access point into an opportunity to modernize and secure your workplace with Oloid’s retrofit products.
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  • Transactions per month 5M+ Transactions Per Month
  • Transactions per month 5,000+ Endpoints
  • Transactions per month 150+ Locations
  • Transactions per month 370+ Integrations
  • Transactions per month 30M+ Image Dataset
  • Transactions per month 350,000+ Lines of Code
How Oloid works

Retrofit solution for your Access Control System

We help you modernize your existing Physical Access Control System (PACS) without the need to rip and replace any wiring, badge reader or backend systems.

Flexible and Frictionless

Multi-Modal Authentication

Our app that runs on standard tablets offers flexible options such as Mobile Access, QR Code and Facial Recognition to provide seamless and contactless access experience to both smartphone and non-smartphone users.

End user Experience

Pick the Endpoint that’s perfect for your door

Pick the perfect endpoint that works best for your door or turnstile from our range of products. All our products connect seamlessly with your existing Access Control System.

  • Retrofit BLE Module
  • Smart Reader

Retrofit your entry points with smart & secure mobile access

BLE-enabled mobile access solution for modernizing physical access control. No need to replace existing badge readers and hardware in the closet. Easy self-installation.

    How it works

    Enable access with Full Featured Smart Reader

    Users can choose facial or mobile authentication to gain physical access. Makes the workplace inclusive and accessible to all. Offers built-in FLIR temperature scanner option.

      How it works
      Access Management

      One Unified Platform to control your physical access system

      Our backend dashboard allows you to manage your PACS with utmost ease, gives you real-time data and provides you with an unlimited opportunity to scale seamlessly.
      Workflow Builder

      Personalized integration solution for your business

      Define and build specific logics to integrate your physical access control system with your varied business operations.
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      Cloud Identity Management

      Make Your Workplace Future Forward

      Get the benefit of Oloid's smart readers and Cloud platform while continuing to leverage your existing investments in traditional access control systems. Integrate with HR, IT, Safety and SSO systems and set up business rules with Oloid's 'if-this-then-that' rule engine.
      Software-Centric Solution

      Make The Switch For A Secure And Compliant Workplace

      Adopt the next generation ‘software-centric’ multi-modal solution that overlays on top of your existing access systems, and adheres to workplace safety regulations.
      Cardless Access Solution

      An eco-friendly solution for digital identity management

      Get the benefit of Oloid's smart readers and Cloud platform while continuing to leverage your existing investments in traditional access control systems. Integrate with HR, IT, Safety and SSO systems and set up business rules with Oloid's 'if-this-then-that' rule engine.
      Adopt Digital Identity

      "Oloid has enhanced workplace employee safety & security by seamlessly integrating with all our entries with FLIR's thermal cameras while using the existing Badge IDs as the single source of identity"

      Dinkar Sindhu, CEO @ Axis Clinicals

      "Oloid was the only retrofit solution in the market that enabled integration between our PACS and visitor management & wellness attestation system. It is an essential part of our return to work plan and our employees love it. "

      Vineet Jain, CEO @ Egnyte
      Frequently asked questions
      • Oloid is best suited for business that want the benefit of a modern physical access control solution but do not want to undertake the complexity and costs of replacing controllers and badge readers. Oloid serves customer across varying sizes and industries.
      • Oloid offers mobile BLE and QR code authentication for Smartphone users. Non smartphone users can enjoy frictionless Facial Authentication or continue to use badges. Oloid is the only truly inclusive modern access control solution.
      • Oloid provides a high level of identity assurance with contactless facial biometrics, which is resistant to spoofing and presentation attacks. Mobile credentials eliminates costs of issuing and managing physical cards and security risk associated with lost, stole or borrowed badges.
      • Since Oloid integrates with existing systems of truth in real-time, it does not need to store or replicate employee data other the badge Id. Oloid employs the highest standards of security and data encryption for the information that customers chose to store and provision into Oloid.
      • Your investment in Oloid is future-proofed like Tesla. As new features and fixes become available for your Saas subscription, updates are made available in the app store and you can self-upgrade the Oloid end-points. Welcome to the new world of software readers. Bye-bye to firmware upgrades.
      • You don't have to. Oloid customers can start always start small with a limited number of doors. Our customers tell us that once employees enjoy the benefit of contactless and frictionless access, it just make sense to turn all entries into smart doors.
      • Absolutely! Oloid can be securely mounted on walls or on turnstile platforms. Several commonly installed turnstiles also allow for space and enclosure for Oloid to be installed inside the turnstile enclosure making it completely natural and convenient.
      • Absolutely! With our cloud-based SaaS platform, you can manage and control all the doors and turnstiles of your workplace, grant or withdraw access rights, process data, detect any tailgating or any anomaly at any given time and from anywhere. All you need is the smartphone or the tablet with the Oloid admin app.