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Security, Privacy &
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Oloid implements the industry's leading practices and conforms to the most stringent standards for data privacy and keep you protected & compliant.

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State-of-the-art Architecture with Geo Assurance

Oloid runs on highly available and secure servers that are based in Ohio, Northern Virginia, and San Francisco, with above industry-level encryption and military-grade security.
Scan. Analyze. Deploy. Maintain.

Physical Access Driven by Cyber Framework and AI

In the modern world, Physical and cyber security are not separate entities. Badges, Keys can easily be cloned, and social engineering, unattended reception can be a playground for bad actors. A large number of computer hacks happen due to poor physical security. Oloid's platform is built on proven security practices in the cyber world and adapting it to the physical world, to meet the needs of security-conscious businesses.
warehouse security
Security and Privacy Compliance

GDPR, CCPA and more

Oloid ensures that the user data is stored and managed as per a robust consent based privacy framework. Oloid complies with the leading regulations and most stringent legal jurisdictions to minimize compliance risks.
Authenticate in Fraction of a Second

Optimized for High Performance and faster authentication

Access is designed to be fast and frictionless, improving security doesn't mean we have to compromise on speed. With an average of 0.5 seconds of authentication rate across hundreds of thousands of users, Oloid is setting the performance benchmark for the Industry.
The complete security suit

Security practices and features

See our list of extended security measures

  • Biometric Access Control at our Facilities checkmark
  • Data encryption during transmission and storage checkmark
  • Support for data loss prevention checkmark
  • Automated vulnerability checks and audits checkmark
  • Active CI/CD Integrated Security Scans checkmark
  • Active internal bounty program checkmark
  • Dedicated DevOps team on payroll checkmark
  • Daily manual and automatic malware scans checkmark
  • App modularity with microservices checkmark
  • Periodic Third Party Penetration Testing checkmark

Industry Leading Security Policies

The security of your data is our top priority at Oloid. Our clients entrust Oloid with their sensitive data, and we want you to be aware of our security rules and controls in place to keep your information safe. Every day, we work hard to keep your data safe, and our security policy covers a number of important topics.

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    Application Security

    No consumer has access to the data of another. Authenticated sessions, which are necessary for any page access, are enforced on various tiers of the architecture. Session data is stored in cookies that do not contain any personally identifiable information about customers. During page access, no client ID is ever transferred or kept, preventing ID spoofing.
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    Physical Security (Hosting)

    Amazon maintains physical security through a variety of approaches, as detailed in their Security Whitepaper, with their EC2 service providing the physical hosting infrastructure. Amazon's EC2 service uses the same buildings, servers, and infrastructure as their multibillion-dollar retail operation, so you can rest certain that your application and data are safe.
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    Transport Security

    We use high-grade encryption powered by AWS KMS to secure all communication between customers and our data center (AES-256 Bit). Oloid's applications and services can only be accessed through secure sessions (https) and with an authenticated login and password. Passwords are never transferred or kept in their original form, ensuring that they are never compromised.
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    Disaster Recovery Program

    We can deliver a best-in-class disaster recovery program by leveraging the Amazon AWS cloud. We eliminate the danger of client data loss by using Amazon AWS services for data storage, as explained above. If a customer's primary hardware breaks, we can quickly swap to the secondary hardware, which is running in parallel with the primary.
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