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Bring Your Own Hardware to the World's First Software Reader

Oloid does not lock you in with custom hardware. Oloid offers a Mobile App that can be installed on standard iOS, Android, or Linux devices. Customers can choose from a wide range of secure Enterprise Grade hardware such as iOS/Android tablets and smartphones and Linux devices. No risk of compromised admin accounts or spy chips.
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Certified Hardware List

Oloid is designed to work with most commercially available off-the-shelf iOS, Android and Linux hardware. However attached list of pre-tested certified Enterprise Grade hardware for reference. Oloid certified devices have passed the toughest security tests conducted by government and defense agencies.

Software is Eating the World

How does the Oloid
Reader work?

We built an app for that. Oloid's enterprise-grade app can be downloaded from the app stores. It is a quick and easy self-installation process that takes just a few minutes to log in and set up.

For Access Control, the app communicates with your existing PACS system over an IP Wiegand converter.
Example Installation of Wiegand Convertor
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Form Factors to Choose From

Oloid Readers are designed to meet the unique needs of each installation. Each type of device provides listed below offers varying benefits in terms of size, form and functionality. Mix-n-match and pick one that works best for your each location.

  • Full Featured iPad Pro Full Featured iPad Pro Smart Reader
  • Full Featured iPad Pro Full Featured Smart Reader Mini
  • Full Featured iPad Pro Android Smart Reader for BLE
  • Full Featured iPad Pro IP-Wiegand Adapter
Large screen suited for time clocking or access doors where users need to be displayed messages. Users can choose facial or mobile authentication to gain physical access. Makes the workplace inclusive and accessible to all. Offers built-in FLIR temperature scanner option. Rugged theft deterrent case available.
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Compact and Ideal for interior doors. Offers contactless biometrics or mobile credentials to gain physical access. Makes the modern access control inclusive and accessible to all.
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Ideally suited for mobile-only (QR and BLE) installs where device cost needs to be minimized. Offers all smart reader capabilities other than Facial Recognition based Authentication.
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Connect Oloid's Software Readers with your existing Controllers (PACS) systems by installing this compact IP-Weigand adapter. Present a clean modern look with no wires by connecting the readers over WiFi and terminating the IP seamlessly on this device in the closet. Comes with standard Weigand wiring and Ethernet port. Conforms to industry standards and integrates with 90+% PACS systems.
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Robust Enterprise-grade Hardware

Oloid Device Capabilities

Rich Set of Features Offered on Most Oloid Certified Off-the-Shelf Devices

  • Camera


    For Facial Auth, QR Code and more

    Face or QR code, Tailgate detection, Intercom and more

  • Camera



    Mobile Credentials with Energy Efficient and Secure BLE

  • Camera


    For Seamless Connectivity

    Enterprise-Grade Connectivity using WiFi, Ethernet or PoE

  • Camera


    For Remote Management

    Easily Manage and Upgrade Devices Remotely

Built-In Device OS Features & Security

iOS, Android and Linux

Leverage all the latest and greatest features offered by iOS, Android and Linux to improve management and maintenance.

Core OS Features: Font Adjustments, Language Settings, Enterprise Certificate Installation, Volume Controls, Brightness Controls, Accessibility Modes, Guided Access Modes, Password Protection, Video/Audio Playback and more.

OS Security Features: Silicon Level Hardware Security, Secure Startup Process, Software Updates, Encrypted File Systems, Malware Protection, Device Tracking, Accelerometer based Device Removal Detection and more.
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Ease of Purchasing

Off-the-Shelf Literally!

Most Hardware can be procured directly without involving Oloid with any e-commerce retailer, leverage consumer discounts and subsidies to your advantage or purchase through your corporate resellers.

Other Advantages: Choice of mounts and enclosures, Various choices of colors, Wide range of hardware price range, Water Proof, Sturdy and Enterprise Grade.
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