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Smarter & automated Physical Identity
for the hyper-connected world

Automate your processes to protect your business from security threats, inefficient operations, and
compliance risks. Give secure & scalable access to authorized resources based on your mission needs.

The OLOID Orchestration approach

OLOID Physical Identity Orchestration is an agile and adaptive framework that allows you to
design, integrate and manage physical identity and access management workflow lifecycles.

Identity verification

Automate the onboarding of new employees, contractors and
visitors with a self-service workflow for verification of valid government IDs and documents.

  • Selfie face verification
  • Selfie liveness detection
  • Match selfie images with goverment IDs
  • Verification of identity against government ID database
  • Optional manual verification - hybrid model uses a
    combination of AI and human experts

Cyber-physical convergence

Create an organization-wide unified identity framework by
seamlessly connecting physical identity credentials with digital
identity. Enable a unified digital identity across the organization.

  • Single-sign-on integrations
  • Connect PACS credentials with HR and IT identity
  • Automate employee onboarding
  • Streamlined operations
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduce costs and password resets

Credentials management

Simplify the creation, management and automation of employee badging across the identity lifecycle, with OLOID’s cloud-based application for credentials management.

  • Eliminate inefficient, manual processes
  • Reduce reliance on physical badges
  • Instantly issue one-by-one or integrate with HR tools to automate badging & access request workflows
  • Get detailed insights into issued credentials
  • Automate credential revocation to reduce the risk from insider threats in your security

Identity & access analytics

Capture physical identity and access data based on real-time and historical behavior patterns. Leverage machine learning to uncover deep insights by analyzing past access control events, including unauthorized activities. Prevent emerging threat scenarios,
diagnose risks and resolve compliance issues.

  • AI-enabled anomaly detection
  • Space analytics and insights
  • Compliance metrics
  • Identity confidence scores

Build your physical identity stack with OLOID