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Visual Workflow Automation with
a no-code/low-code
rule engine

Your workplace, your rules. Drag-n-drop
business rules for automating day-to-day
security, safety and business operations.

Get 10x the value from your existing PACS

Retrofit your PACS to make them automation ready

OLOID Physical Access Control System

Automate your PACS
with OLOID's rule engine

Get 10x the value
from your existing PACS

Modern access

  • Dynamic controls
  • Frictionless badge provisioning


  • Real-time threat alerts
  • Anomaly detection intelligence


  • Validity checks
  • Vaccination checks
  • Audit trails

building ops

  • Occupancy tracking
  • Reservation checks
  • Facilities usage data

Easy administration

Use our browser-based editor to define and configure rules for
multiple endpoints. Create trigger events at your workplace by
connecting multiple hardwares, APIs and other services. Enjoy
the flexibility of managing from anywhere in the world.

  • No-code, visual drag-and-drop rule engine
  • Low-code scripting available on demand
  • Automate complex workflows using conditional logic
  • Allows for multiple steps and 'if-this-then-that' conditions
  • Edit and enhance your workflows on an on-going basis

Easy administration

Dynamic integrations

Dynamic integrations

Connect and move operational data around events, usage, compliance and metrics across your systems. We take care
that your APIs are never broken.

  • Support a wide range of integrations and use cases
  • Automatically move identity & attribute data across systems
  • Effortless data sync in real-time, on schedule or by batch
  • Unified data architecture removes duplication & redundancy
  • Deploy on cloud or on-premises

Purpose-built templates

Empower your HR, IT, Compliance & Security teams to easily and quickly automate routine processes without writing a single line of code. Get started with a pre-built template from our rich library of templates and edit it to
fit your own needs.

  • Integrate faster with our pre-built templates
  • Configure in accordance with your business need
  • Create your own templates for repeated use
  • Ease on ongoing maintenance

Purpose-built templates

OLOID Cloud Key

Cloud Key

Empower your legacy physical access control system (PACS) with the power of mobile and cloud using the OLOID Cloud Key. A retrofit solution that enables mobile access and network unlock with legacy readers and physical access control systems:

  • Does not need any new hardware at the door or closet to be added
  • No changes are required to the existing card reader system
  • Provides mobile access to any door connected to an API-friendly PACS
  • Does not require new servers or special network access
  • Provides cloud unlock for legacy card systems like Indala® and QuadraKeyTM

Disclaimer: *Indala and QuadraKey are respective trademarks of HID and Honeywell

Our Customers are loving OLOID Workflows

“OLOID has helped automate the validation of vaccination status and daily health attestations by connecting it to our badge security system. The Oloid product has been a critical part of our workplace safety, security and business continuity plan.”

Scott Anderson

Group Director at
Sensient Technologies Corporation

Build your
physical identity
stack with OLOID