Oloid Solutions

Oloid provides a range of solutions that suits your workplace and ensure end-to-end management of the access control - be it end industry-specific solutions or making return of your employees to the office in the post-pandemic era safe and secure without disrupting their on-prem experience. Our AI-enabled and retrofit solutions not only eliminate the need to replace your existing access control systems but also minimize regulatory and compliance risks.
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Deskless Workers

Oloid is committed to providing secure and privacy-forward authentication across the entire day-of-the-life of deskless workers. Oloid enables the next generation identity and authentication infrastructure for factories, warehouses and industrial & construction work sites.

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Return to work

As workplaces move forward to the new era of flexible work locations, Oloid's software readers helps automates the check-in process and health attestations. Welcome back your employees with an automated, modern touch-less entry.

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Vaccine Management

Link Your Employees Vaccination Status With Your Existing Badge Reader Systems. Connect your employees’ existing access badges to their COVID-19 vaccination status and other health updates.

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Regulatory Compliance

Physical Security, Safety and Compliance go hand-in-hand. Ranging from physical access logs for accessing controlled substances to validating safety certifications at entry, Oloid has it all covered.

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