Access Control for Regulatory Compliance

Leverage Oloid's Identity and Access Capabilities to make your workplace Safe and Compliant

Physical Security, Safety and Compliance go hand-in-hand. Ranging from physical access logs for accessing controlled substances to validating safety certifications at entry, Oloid has it all covered.

  • Line of codes 5M+ Transactions Per Month
  • Line of codes 5,000+ Endpoints
  • Line of codes 150+ Locations
  • Line of codes 370+ Integrations
  • Line of codes 30M+ Image Dataset
  • Line of codes 350,000+ Lines of Code

Automate, Reduce Costs & Improve Compliance

Oloid software-based smart readers can be programmed to automatically log compliance events and prevent non-compliant access. Create sophisticated and dynamic rules to automate what could take hours of busy work.

  • Access Control for SOC2
  • Access Control for Controlled Substances
  • Vaccine Storage Compliance
  • EHS Compliance
Access Control & Logging

Meet and exceed the requirements of SOC2 Compliance

SOC2 compliance requires the enforcement of strict physical and logical access controls. Additionally, organizations have to maintain the traceability each access event.

Oloid eliminates the need for issuing badges, capturing fingerprints and running manual reports. Ensure secure physical access controls using Oloid's contactless biometrics readers. Set up automated reports instead of manual data pulls from traditional badge systems.

  • checkmark Facial Recognition
  • checkmark Contactless Biometrics
  • checkmark Secure Identity
  • checkmark Traceability
  • checkmark Automated Reports
  • checkmark API Integrated
Restricted Areas in Regulated Industries

Regulate Access and Ensure Traceability

Whether it is clean rooms and documentation rooms in Pharma, narcotics rooms in Cannabis industry, restricted areas require additional monitoring and security to allow only approved people entering the site, and at right times.

Managing diverse user access levels and entry times can be a complex challenge. Oloid's smart readers with cloud identity management helps in restricting access and maintain proper activity logs.

  • checkmark Contactless Biometrics
  • checkmark Access Logs
  • checkmark Intrusion Alerts
ASHP Recommendations for Vaccine Storage

Ensuring Chain of Custody and Individual Accountability for Vaccine Storage

As per the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the Storage, security, and surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines requires a coordinated approach that includes strict internal controls such as physical access controls and surveillance. Oloid's multilayered advanced security infrastructure enables you to automate most of the secure access protocols for vaccine storage areas.

  • checkmark Restricted Access
  • checkmark Custody Logs
  • checkmark Contactless Biometrics
Helping Employer Carry Out Duty of Care

Enhance EHS Procedures by Performing Automated Safety Checks at Entry Points

Oloid's Smart Readers can perform real-time validation of safety certifications, health attestation status and assess contagion risks as each employees enters the premises.

  • checkmark Safety Certification Check
  • checkmark Health Attestations
  • checkmark Temperature Checks
Privacy First Design

Oloid's Privacy centric design gives total control to Employees

Oloid works on a privacy first model, where Employees consent is at the core of data storage. Employee faces can easily be on boarded using the Oloid time clock app. Employees have full control over what access rights are given to business applications that use their facial data and easily grant or revoke access.
At Flex, we are committed to providing a safe environment for our workforce. Oloid is helping us achieve this objective.
Peter Hunt, VP Brand protection & Security, Flex
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