Enabling the New Normal

Return to your Physical Workspace with Confidence

As workplaces move forward to the new era of flexible work locations, Oloid's software readers helps automates the check-in process and health attestations. Welcome back your employees with an automated, modern touch-less entry.
  • Line of codes 5M+ Transactions Per Month
  • Line of codes 5,000+ Endpoints
  • Line of codes 150+ Locations
  • Line of codes 370+ Integrations
  • Line of codes 30M+ Image Dataset
  • Line of codes 350,000+ Lines of Code
Improved Employee Experience

Reduce reliance on a Security Guard or Front Desk Receptionist for Employee Check-in

Oloid integrates Employee Systems of Record with PACS/Badge Systems for Automating Check-in Procedures

  • Claiming Desk Reservations
  • Occupancy Management
  • Vaccination Status Management
  • Wellness Screening at Entry Points
Automated Check-on of Desk Reservations

Verify and Claim Desk Reservations upon Entry

Oloid smart readers integrate seamlessly with desk reservation and hoteling systems. Once Oloid identifies the employee by using their face, mobile device or badge, the reservation is verified and automatically checked-in as soon as the employee enters the door of the corresponding office or floor.

  • checkmark Verify Reservation
  • checkmark Easy Check-in
  • checkmark Free-up Unused Resources
Automated People Counter

Real-time Occupancy with Oloid's Computer Vision AI

Oloid’s computer-vision based occupancy management works with standard off-the-shelf IP camera to anonymously monitor the count of people entering or exiting a specific area or door. Leverage existing security cameras by simply passing the video feed to Oloid's AI engine or install inexpensive IP cameras.

Receive automated alerts over SMS or Email when pre-configured occupancy percentage thresholds are crossed. When integrated with Oloid's Smart Readers at the doors, the real-time occupancy counter can be displayed at the door and entry can be prevented when occupancy limits are exceeded.

  • checkmark Accurate Counting
  • checkmark Automatic Bidirectional
  • checkmark Restrict Access
  • checkmark Private & Anonymous
  • checkmark Leverage Existing Cameras
  • checkmark SMS/Email Alerts
Fast Lanes for Vaccinated Employees

Record Vaccination Status of Employees and Fast-track the Entry of Vaccinated Employees

Oloid helps create a better user experience for Vaccinated employees by letting them skip the burden of daily wellness checks and attestations. Integrate with physical access control to create a fast lane experience - once employees are authenticated using their face, mobile device or badge, doors will automatically open if the vaccination status is up to date. For other employees, Oloid will present the options of daily attestation and screening.

Set expiration dates to ensure that employees get their vaccination status updated after regular booster shots. Reduce manual burden of collecting, managing and verifying vaccination status. Create an incentive for employees who value their time to get vaccinated and skip daily screening procedures.

    Automate Wellness Check

    Automated Wellness Screening for Employees and Visitors

    Deliver effective duty of care, reduce liability, save costs and documentation burden by automating wellness attestation at the point of entry.

    Employees can fill questions on their mobile devices or home computers and scan QR code as they enter the workplace. Offer Oloid's gesture technology called AirTouch or voice recognition based questionnaire for a touch-less experience for employees and visitors who do not use Smartphones.

    Configure and receive alerts over email or SMS for at-risk questionnaire responses. Integrate with badge system for automating compliance. Monitor analytics and dashboard to measure compliance and effectiveness. Perform in-app temperature scans seamlessly through Oloid's certified integration with tablet-connected high accuracy FLIR thermal cameras.

    • checkmark QR Code
    • checkmark Air Touch
    • checkmark Voice
    • checkmark Temperature Scanning
    • checkmark Real-time Alerts
    • checkmark Integrate with PACS
    Improve Employee Experience & Reduce Costs

    Automate Safety & Security Processes with Oloid

    Whether it is ensuring permissible occupancy levels or validating desk reservations, Oloid integrates with a variety of systems ranging from visitor management and wellness attestation systems to eliminate the need for manual checks. Provide a 100% contactless and automated experience to remove friction from the daily routine.
    Our research facility had a round the clock rotating shift to enable manual temperature checks and wellness forms for people entering the building throughout the day. Oloid's contactless check-in solution has automated this process and enabled us to better utilize our personnel. Love the solution!
    Dinkar Sindhu, CEO, Axis Clinicals
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