Single Sign-On for Deskless Workers

Biometric Payroll Clocking, Access Control and Worker Management


Join the world's leading industrial companies in boosting worker productivity, security, safety and compliance.

Identity Assurance
Identity Assurance

Determine true identity and eliminate impersonation through a mixture of biometrics, behaviours, and interactions

Secure Physical Access
Secure Physical Access

Protect your people and assets with modern access control. Mitigate security risks resulting from traditional cards & badges.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate human errors in access logs, worker time punches and verification of safety & training certifications

Privacy Forward Design
Privacy Forward Design

De-identified biometrics provide the right combination of worker privacy and enterprise security

Enterprise Integrations
Enterprise Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with your existing Access Control, HR, IT systems and Physical Infrastructure

Reliable and Easy
Reliable and Easy

Reduce the expense and friction of onboarding and off-boarding physical badges. Frictionless user experience.

"Maintaining highest standards of physical security is critical for our business. Oloid is helping us eliminate buddy swiping and improve identity assurance at our factories and warehouses"

- CISO, One of the largest Contractor Manufacturers and Defense Contractor

"We were concerned about inaccurate clocking data and poor payroll compliance. Oloid has helped us become compliant with California Wage Act. Every time punch can now be backed up biometric proof"

- CIO, Fortune 500 Construction and Infrastructure Development Company

"Oloid’s AI-enabled biometric technology has enabled us to eliminate data entry errors and compliance risk by automating book keeping of compliance logs of our clean rooms, documentation rooms and R&D facilities."

- GM, Major Pharma Manufacturer and Distribution
Time and Attendance
Facial Recognition Based Payroll Clocking
Physical Access Control
Secure operation of locks and turnstiles
Safety & Compliance
Automate recording and documentation of access logs
Customized Platform
Tailored Solution for your Worker Management Needs
Face Match Portal

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