Facial Recognition based Time Clock

Improve identity assurance and worker productivity at worker entry and exit points

Asset 1

Identity Assurance

Eliminate payroll fraud resulting from buddy swiping of traditional cards & badges

Asset 2


Leverage API connectors to get the data flowing into your payroll and other HR and IT systems

Asset 3

Badgeless Provisioning

Reduce the expense and friction of onboarding and off-boarding physical badges

Asset 4

Reports & Analytics

Insights on worker productivity and morale

Asset 5

Enhanced HR Compliance

Enhanced traceability and legal compliance. Every clock-in and out is now backed up with a visual proof


Reliable & Easy

With near 100% accuracy, workers can use their face to punch in and out



Oloid is designed to work with off-the-shelf, enterprise-grade tablets and cameras. This ensures lower costs and high availability

      • Hardware agnostic
      • Cloud based remote management, provisioning & upgrades
      • IT implementation does not require specialized skills
      • Intuitive interface that does not require any major training costs

A step closer to a Industry 4.0 ready workplace

Data enabled and dynamic
Oloid's IoT and Video AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution makes worker movement data available for analysis and integration into other productivity applications.
Automated and frictionless worker movement
Enable free flowing movement of workers by eliminating unnecessary card swipes or badge taps.
Proactive worker replanning
For employers that provide company transportation, Oloid can identify absences well ahead of shift start and make the data available in real time. This enables supervisors to act in time to save the loss of shift productivity.
Integrated rule-based workflows
With Proxce, employers can provision dynamic rules that drive higher compliance and productivity. With integration across multiple system, the business consciousness and action is always on. For example - if a worker's safety/OSHA training has expired, Oloid can disable access and alert the supervisor
Face Match Portal

Show up to clock-in, as simple as that 



Employee steps infront of the camera.

iPad – Confirmation


Instant confirmation and Clock in.