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Retrofit your Workplace with

  • Flexible  options to choose from - Face, Bluetooth or QR code
  • Easy  retrofit with existing badge readers and access control systems
  • Secure  your assets with contactless biometrics & tailgating detection

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Enjoy all the Benefits of Modern Access Control
Without the need to Rip and Replace

  • Multimodal Authentication-1

    Multi-Modal Authentication

    Face, Bluetooth, QR Code, Badge or Remote Unlock
  • Off the shelf smart devices

    Off-the shelf Smart Devices

    Turn iPhones, iPads, Android Phones or Tablets into Smart Readers
  • Easy Self Install

    Easy Self Install

    Download the Oloid Smartreader App from the App Store and Get Started

Retrofit your Workplace with AI-powered
Secure Authentication and Integrations

Prevent unauthorized access and reduce dependence on manual entry procedures. Integrate with your existing IT Systems for a seamless experience

  • Multi-Modal Authentication
  • Real-time Authorization
  • Occupancy Management
  • Tailgating Detection
  • Safety and Wellness Checks
  • Workflow Designer

Choose from Multiple Authentication Factors

Employees can choose contactless biometrics or mobile credentials to gain physical access. Make the workplace frictionless and secure for Smartphone and non-Smartphone users alike.

  • checkmark Face
  • checkmark Bluetooth
  • checkmark QR Code
  • checkmark Badge
  • checkmark Cloud Unlock
  • checkmark GSOC Unlock

On-Prem or Cloud Integrations with IT Systems of Record

Authorize access based on data from existing IT systems to use real-time data for decision making and preventing unauthorized or "at-risk" access events.

  • checkmark Access Control
  • checkmark Desk Reservation
  • checkmark Visitor Management
  • checkmark Wellness Check
  • checkmark Safety Certification
  • checkmark Time & Attendance

Observe and Manage Occupancy Limits

Use computer vision to keep an accurate count of people entering & exiting doors and enforce occupancy limits at the points of entry with Oloid’s rule based access control. Leverage existing security cameras or install off-the-shelf IP cameras.

  • checkmark Occupancy Limits
  • checkmark SMS/Text Alerts
  • checkmark PACS Integrated
  • checkmark Standard IP Cameras
  • checkmark Privacy Compliant
  • checkmark Anonymous Counters

Improved Security with Automated Tailgating Detection

Oloid’s smart readers not only detects unauthorized entry but sends an alert & notifies security in real time.

  • checkmark IP camera Based
  • checkmark Easy to set up
  • checkmark Integrated with Access Control

Integrated wellness attestation for all employees and visitors, keeps your workplace safe

Reduce contagion risk, save costs and documentation burden by automating wellness attestation at the point of entry. Oloid Smart Readers come equipped with thermal cameras for temperature scanning.

  • checkmark Third-Party Wellness data Integration
  • checkmark Restrict Access Based on Wellness Data
  • checkmark All Clear Flag

Oloid provides robust ‘If-This-Then-That’ engine in the backend to help set your policies

Oloid’s simple drag and drop interactive backend allows you to set up your own rules based access control with few easy steps. Update & modify instantly.

  • checkmark Drag and Drop Designer
  • checkmark Enforce Sophisticated Workflows
  • checkmark On-Prem Support
Effortless Installation

One step closer to
Self Installation

  • checkmark Wiegand & OSDP
  • checkmark HID Badge Readers
  • checkmark Multiple Bit Formats
  • checkmark Commercial PACS
  • 1

    Select End Point Type
    Smart Reader/ IP Camera

  • 2

    Self Purchase
    Off-the-shelf Device

  • 3

    Download and Install
    Oloid Application

  • 4

    Connect to PACS
    API or Weigand Converter

  • 5

    Provision Users and Go Live
    1-2 weeks, No SI Required


Oloid keeps you Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and the Latest Regulations

Oloid works on a privacy-first model, where Employee consent is at the core of data management. Oloid keeps you compliant with the latest data and privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Employees can control what access rights are given to business applications that use their sensitive data and easily grant or revoke access.
Madhu (1)
quotes "We designed the Oloid system to address the core pillars of privacy such as informed consent, transparency, enforcement of policies. We keep up with all the existing and new privacy and biometric laws so that you don't have to lose your sleep over it. " Madhu Madhusudhanan, CTO, Oloid
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Industry Leading Vision

Make Physical Identity and Access Secure, Private, Frictionless and Inclusive for all

Software is eating the world. While the industry continues to be held back by custom hardwares that require complex firmware upgrades and professional installation, Oloid is challenging the status quo with software-centric solution that retrofits with existing infrastructure.
Mohit-1 (1)
quotes "We are bringing cyber security principles to the physical security world. Our vision for being the single-sign-on for the physical world, wherein our users can use a single identity work across disparate physical systems, is becoming a reality because of our hardware agnostic approach." Mohit Garg, CEO, Oloid
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