Multiple modes for establishing identity at your workplace

Modern physical access
smartphone &
non-smartphone users

Choose the retrofit reader that meets the unique needs of your business: Mobile, QR Code, Facial Recognition.


Retrofit your entry point with simple, smart and secure mobile access

Bluetooth-enabled mobile access solution for modernizing physical access control. Easy self-installation. No need to replace your existing
badge readers and hardware in the closet.

Oloid M-Tag

OLOID Smart Reader

Universal physical access with full featured options

Provide a secure and welcoming experience for your employees, contractors and visitors. Make your workplace inclusive and accessible to all. Features secure & contactless biometrics, and support for temporary QR code based access.


No-code/low-code workflow builder for
physical access rules

Workflow Builder

Define & build PACS automation rules, visually

Integrate with HR, IT, Safety and SSO systems, and set up business rules with OLOID’s 'if-this-then-that' automation software. Set up drag-n-drop business rules for automating day-to-day security, safety and business operations.

Identity Management

Centralized cloud-based
identity orchestration
across multiple locations

Identity Management

Centralized cloud-based
identity orchestration
across multiple locations

Identity and Access Cloud

Unify identity and access
across the enterprise

Easily connect & manage identity across disparate systems and geographies. Provide seamless access to users and intuitive controls and insights to administrators. Unified approach for a smarter and automated physical identity.

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

No longer scrub through hours of footage to find a specific event. Smart search filters like people and vehicle search isolate incidents of interest in seconds.

With alerts that notify users of relevant and actionable events, gain real-time insights without actively monitoring your system.

By deploying security enhancements and features automatically across entire fleets, always have the latest in security technology.