Enabling the modern flexi-hybrid workplace with mobile access

Elevate employee experience
and eliminate manual checks.

Lawrence James, CEO of TILT

"As we transitioned to a hybrid and flexi work
culture, OLOID has been a very important partner
for modernizing physical access and for automating
access provisioning. Our team loves the OLOID
mobile app and the freedom from badges."

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Elevate employee experience

Provide frictionless, hassle-free, and intuitive mobile access to your employees, contractors and visitors.

One digital identity for all
physical access

Enhance your employer branding
and office appeal. With OLOID, your employees, contractors and visitors can securely access your doors, elevators and turnstiles by using their smartphones.

Fast and easy onboarding
and offboarding

Automate the provisioning of physical access for your new hires. Provide mobile credentials to eliminate wait time for physical badges. Improve the on-site experience of your new hires and remote employees.

Seamless access to facilities
and building services

Eliminate the need to carry multiple badges for accessing offices, elevators and doors across building floors and geographical locations. Integrate the access to new buildings and offices easily into OLOID's digital ID solutions.

Eliminate manual checks

Automated Check-in

Verify and claim desk reservations upon entry

  • Verify reservation
  • Easy check-in
  • Free-up unused resources

Our Office Solutions integrate seamlessly with desk reservation and hoteling systems. Once OLOID authenticates the employee by using their face,
mobile device or badge, the reservation is verified
and automatically checked-in as soon as the employee enters the door of the corresponding office or floor.

Temporary Access

Enhance visitor experience, elevate safety & lower costs

  • Generate day-pass QR code upon visitor check-in
  • Easily open doors using mobile app or printed QR code
  • Integrate your visistor management with your PACS

Our Office Solutions eliminate the overhead and costs of issuing temporary visitor badges. Once a visitor checks into the visitor management system, OLOID generates and activates temporary credentials through its PACS integrations. Visitors get necessary access using their mobile device, face authentication or simply a QR code.

People Counter

Real-time occupancy data with AI-powered automation

  • Accurate counting
  • Automatic bidirectional
  • Restrict access
  • Private & anonymous
  • Leverage existing cameras
  • SMS/email alerts

Our computer-vision based occupancy management works with standard off-the-shelf IP cameras to anonymously monitor the count of people entering or exiting a specific area or door. Leverage existing security cameras by simply passing the video feed to OLOID’s AI engine or install inexpensive IP cameras.

Wellness Check

Automated wellness screening for employees and visitors

  • QR code
  • Air touch
  • Voice
  • Integrate with PACS
  • Temperature scanning
  • Real-time alerts

Configure and receive alerts over email or SMS
for at-risk questionnaire responses. Integrate with badge systems for automating compliance. Monitor analytics and dashboard to measure compliance and effectiveness.

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