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“Honeywell is focused on improving occupant experience – this includes eliminating friction in a building while maintaining security fidelity of access points. We look forward to working with OLOID to develop next generation physical access and digital identity solutions to offer customers cost-effective and easy-to-deploy upgrades.”

Patrick Hogan

Managing Director

Solutions that meet you
where you are

Solutions that meet you
where you are


As workplaces transition into the newly evolving flexible
era of anyone-anywhere-anytime-anyhow work, OLOID's innovative solutions provide modern, touchless, cardless, frictionless, and intuitive mobile access, monitoring and regulation of access activities, automated push notifications and rule-change capabilities, tailgating detection, convergence of physical and cyber identities, backward compatibility, and more.

“As we transitioned to a hybrid and flexi work culture, OLOID has been a very important partner for modernizing physical access and for automating access provisioning.”

Lawrence James, CEO at TILT

“Our customers demand the highest standard of security at our workplaces. We are also committed to providing a safe environment for our workforce. OLOID is helping us achieve both these objectives.”

Peter Hunt, VP Security & Resiliency at Flex

Factories & Warehouses

OLOID enables the next generation identity & authentication infrastructure for factories and warehouses, as well as for industrial & construction work sites. OLOID is committed to providing secure and privacy-forward authentication across the entire day-of-the-life of deskless workers. Our solutions for deskless worker include modular & weatherproof access solution, entry and exit timestamps, safety & wellness attestations, centralized and controlled access, automated physical access control, anomaly detection, and more.


OLOID is an advanced physical identity & access management, workflow automation and governance platform that delivers unprecedented security and an intuitive employee experience
for the future-forward workplace, with a mobile-first approach.
Our cloud-based, scalable and interoperable enterprise solution provides remote and real-time visibility and control over all your locations, and its open API architecture offers limitless integration capabilities for your existing PACS. Create business logic-based automated workflows to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and
get 10x the value from your existing PACS.

“OLOID's innovation has the potential to transform the hardware-centric access control industry into a software-as-a-service model with minimal capital expenditure.”

Gregg Adkin, Managing Director at DELL

“OLOID has the potential to simplify an extremely complex task of access management in our buildings. We are excited to grow our partnership with OLOID to modernize physical access control in our buildings.”

Aaron Polinsky, Cammebys Management

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are managing a 100 years old heritage building or a dated access control system, we have you covered. Our CRE solutions upgrade your entry points for touchless access within minutes so that you can focus on what matters most, that is creating memorable on-site experience for your tenants. OLOID retrofits your badge readers and control systems to provide seamless and secure access through every entry point, cloud-based API integration to set rules as per your needs, and remote access control to strengthen security with end-to-end encryption.

Case Study: How OLOID’s retrofit mobile access solution modernized the access control experience for Egnyte

Learn how a cloud services unicorn leveraged OLOID's technology to improve employee experience, power-up their existing PACS,
reduce cost overheads, and achieve scalability through process automation.

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love OLOID

“With OLOID, all access issues were resolved in minutes. OLOID’s bluetooth overlay is compatible with our existing readers, which meant we did not have to replace anything or make any hardware investments. Now, all our employees use their mobiles as their door keys, which they always carry with them. The OLOID App installed on their smartphones helps them get through the doors and turnstiles. No more stress for our employees and our ops team.”

Cost savings with
OLOID's retrofit solution

Learn about the financial benefits of adopting OLOID's workplace identity & access solutions.


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*Source: based on general industry benchmarks and customer data


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