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End-to-end safety & security solutions for the deskless worker

Fully integrated with modular gates
and time clocks.

Case Study: North America's largest deployment of facial authentication
at work for deskless workers

Learn how Fortune 500 US Manufacturer reduced cost overheads, improved
employee experience, safety procedures and strengthened work site security
by leveraging OLOID’s technology.

Modernize your factories & warehouses,
and industrial & construction sites

Next-gen identity infrastructure for the
entire day-of-the-life of deskless workers.

Centralized physical identity

OLOID integrates with IT and operational systems such as access control systems as a centralized single-sign-on for your physical infrastructure.

Conditional access & authorization

OLOID integrates with employee systems of record such as certification, HRIS and health & safety to implement and automate dynamic rules.

Enhance worker productivity

Eliminate long lines during shift change or lunch breaks to boost productivity. Time clocking, access and safety checks all done in less than 1 sec.

Eliminate badges, access codes & keys

OLOID’s secure facial authentication eliminates buddy clocking and unauthorized access. Reduce the cost of issuing traditional badges, fraudulent payroll costs & theft.

Automate health & safety procedures

Keep the work site safe with OLOID’s vaccination status check and wellness attestation, by sending SMS email
alerts for any exceptions or risk events.

Integrate with turnstiles, door locks & IO

OLOID integrates with existing doorways, turnstiles, elevators and enables conditional access to IoT devices based on your organization-specific business rules.

Contactless Time Clocking

OLOID’s Facial Authentication-based time and attendance clocking is touch-less,
accurate, easy to use, and does not require the employees to touch communal
surfaces. It is a downloadable software application that runs on off-the-shelf
OLOID seamlessly integrates with existing time and attendance modules
in leading workforce management systems.

Eliminate buddy clocking

Help your HR team eliminate payroll fraud from buddy swiping and tailgating. OLOID’s safe and secure biometric clocking accurately identifies employees using facial biometrics and alerts managers instantly. Save anywhere from 2-5% in inaccurate payroll by eliminating instances of employees sharing badges or pin codes for clocking in one-another.

Federal Employee Vaccine Management

Integrate wellness checks

Eliminate manual checks for administering health questionnaires and integrate them with the clocking process. Wellness checks can be combined with vaccination records or test results. OLOID helps employers comply with employee safety guidelines
and improves employee wellbeing.

Reduce waiting times

Reduce the cycle time for clocking in and clocking out each shift. OLOID identifies employees as they approach the tablet and clocks them in at a much faster rate compared to traditional fingerprint, badge and PIN entry systems. Save on paid wait time, reduce congregation and improve employee experience.

“OLOID's Safe Site Entry Solution is a fully integrated modern site entry system purpose built for construction and industrial sites. The system pays for itself in a matter of a few months. We couldn't be happier with our partnership with OLOID.”

Mark Bryant

CIO at PCL Construction

Modular gate solution
for construction sites

OLOID’s modular gate solution combines contactless biometrics with industrial grade full height gates that can be drop shipped at any job site by OLOID’s partner, MSSI*. Simply connect power and network to get started.

Modular Gate Solution for Construction Sites
*Picture of the gate system shown on this page is a property of Modular Security Systems Inc.

Ruggedized & weather-proof

Physical access control and biosecurity for outdoor environments has been a challenge for a number of essential industries. Implementing safety screening procedures inside a lobby has limited efficacy as it allows potentially sick individuals into communal spaces. Safe Site Entry utilizes standard rugged enclosures equipped with full height turnstiles and lockable rolling doors. The unit comes equipped with External power connections for turnstiles, internal and external lighting.

Touchless & frictionless

The gate systems are operated using a camera or tablet-based facial recognition system, which can accurately identify pre-registered site personnel and provide automated attendance tracking. The workers can simply walk through the gate system. The gate automatically identifies the worker, performs the required identity and access checks and optional safety checks such as verifying safety certification and health attestations.

Efficiency & cost savings

OLOID's modular gate solution enables site supervisors to have centralized and controlled access, automates job-site personnel data collection and reporting. OLOID helps job sites centralize and manage site entry efficiently with a faster flow of people and cutting down long lines, which in turn helps track labour costs and enables reporting and metrics for multiple job sites. By replacing numerical code or badge based clocking with OLOID's facial authentication system, job sites can eliminate ‘buddy swiping’ and significantly reduce payroll costs.


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