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Access Control: Stats and Trends in 2022

The evolution of access control and identity management has been a long, slow journey. About ten years ago, laptops introduced the first fingerprint readers. And it was another five years before those readers became common. An entire decade passed before we could unlock smartphones with a fingerprint, and about five years later we began seeing […]

May 30, 2022 Oloid Desk

Why Proximity Cards should become a thing of the past

Archaic proximity cards are losing the hegemony to retrofit & identity-based access control systems. Enterprises transitioning to modern-day access control systems are reaching tangible benefits downstream. Table of Contents 1. How have Proximity Cards ruled the Access Governance Policies of Organizations? 2. Access Cards are losing their prominence 3. Alternatives to Proximity Cards 4. Benefits […]

May 25, 2022 Oloid Desk

How Multimodal Authentication improves physical access systems

Multimodal authentication is a process for capturing biometric traits apart from just face and voice. Also known as multimodal biometrics, this technology combines different types of biometrics, sometimes simultaneously, in a multifactor solution that offers a multitude of authentication options. With multimodal authentication, biometric traits (e.g., fingerprint, voice, and facial features) are used in conjunction […]

May 20, 2022 Oloid Desk

Mobile Credentials 101: Everything you need to know

There is a lot of talk about mobile credentials and their impact on the future of authentication, but the details are often unclear. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of mobile authentication or looking for ways to improve your current system, this guide has everything you need! Table of Contents What are mobile […]

May 16, 2022 Oloid Desk

What is access control? What are the different aspects of access control systems?

Access control as a security concept means regulation or restriction of access to a certain place or data to keep a check on risks to an establishment- whether residential or commercial. Depending on the modes and usability, access control can be segmented into different categories, such as Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), […]

May 11, 2022 Garima Bharti Mehta

[CTO Talk] Leveraging facial authentication for employee identity: The Oloid approach

Contactless biometric technology is not new. However, in recent months, we have seen a steep rise in the use of contactless technology in business operations. This is so because contactless interactions in work environments have become crucial at the moment and this new behavior is slowly becoming entrenched. Among the different contactless solutions, facial authentication […]

April 17, 2022 Aarthi Markandey

Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate stay order: What should be the next steps for US employers?

As the year 2019 was coming to an end, horror was unleashed on the entire world in the form of COVID-19. None of us could have imagined the magnitude of destruction and disruption it would cause in the next 2 to 3 years. We witnessed a worldwide lockdown where offices, educational institutions, public places and […]

February 10, 2022 Garima Bharti Mehta

Oloid is an identity platform for the Future of Work: CEO Mohit Garg

January 11, 2022 Oloid Desk

What is common between Virgin Galactic’s space flight, Tesla’s full self-driving subscription and Oloid’s software readers?

Last week, as my family and I were excitedly watching the images of Richard Branson and his crew penetrate the edge of space. Amidst all the excitement, I couldn’t help but wonder about the countless hours of persistent work and relentless attempts at perfecting the launch sequence that must have led to the success of […]

July 18, 2021 Mohit Garg