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Oloid is now available on ADP Marketplace to help businesses offer secure and contactless time and attendance to all employees

contactless time and attendance

OLOID’s facial recognition-based and contactless time and attendance clocking, wellness attestation, mask detection and vaccination status check application is accurate and easy to use. Oloid seamlessly integrates with ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time. The turnkey integration is available on ADP® Marketplace, the HCM industry’s digital HR storefront for employers to create an HR ecosystem for their business using solutions from ADP® and leading third-party partners like OLOID.

Seamless integration

Available for ADP Workforce Now® clients, the seamless integration is a significant safety and productivity enhancement for mutual clients, saving costly payroll leaks from buddy swiping or time theft. Oloid will help workplaces offer safety enhancements with integrated wellness checks, temperature detection, vaccination checks, occupancy monitoring and mask detection.

ADP® clients can download Oloid APP onto standard off-the-shelf tablets and quickly convert their existing time clocks into smart clocking and secure access devices seamlessly integrating with existing access control. The integration is designed to help ADP clients save time and effort by streamlining daily activities in the post-pandemic working environment. Businesses can automatically send clock-in and out information from Oloid clocks into ADP, allowing for a faster, more accurate transaction. 

OLOID Clock benefits

Clients leveraging the integration will also benefit from all the safety features and added benefits available with Oloid clocks, such as:

    • Easy Onboarding: Onboarding users on the Oloid platform is as easy as taking a selfie. Employees or contractors can be registered easily by clicking pictures on the iPad or by exporting selfies from personal devices or HR systems. It’s fast, easy, and secure.
    • PPE Mask Detection: OLOID uses computer vision to detect the presence of PPE masks. Reduce manual effort by reducing reliance on manual screening.
    • Wellness Attestation: Eliminate manual checks for administering health questionnaires on OLOID and integrate into the clocking process. The wellness checks can be combined with the status of vaccination records or test results. OLOID helps employers comply with employee safety guidelines and improve employee trust and well-being.
    • Contactless Data Entry with Air Touch & Voice: Employees can fill out the screening questionnaires using their personal devices or by using voice commands or touch-less gestures called Air Touch. OLOID helps keep team members safe with a contactless system and save on costs and time.
    • Privacy-by-design: OLOID offers a sophisticated infrastructure to secure and protect employee data. Facial images are converted and stored as an encrypted numerical code, which helps ensure the security and privacy of the biometric data.

    You can download the OLOID Connector APP to easily integrate with ADP Workforce Now® from the following link:

    The OLOID team is here to help, please contact us at with any questions.

ADP® and ADP® Workforce Now are trademarks of ADP, Inc. or its affiliates or licensors. The information in this document was prepared by OLOID and OLOID is solely responsible for its accuracy and completeness. ADP makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein.

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