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Physical Identity
and Access Solutions
for Large Enterprises

A multitude of benefits
offered by OLOID’s
Enterprise Solutions

Modern and touchless experience

Create a contactless office entry experience with OLOID’s Hold to Unlock capabilities. Employees don’t even need to open the app to use the touchless enterprise access control system. OLOID also supports encrypted key card entry and key fob systems for offices, and unlock via the smartphone app, Apple Watch, and tablet app.

Retrofit upgrade of existing PACS infrastructure

OLOID’s retrofit approach allows organizations to leverage existing investment in hardware, systems and provisioning data. Modernize the end-user and employee experience, improve ease of administration and implement organization-wide physical identity and access architecture. All your keycards, fobs, mobile credentials—everything works together.

Scalable, interoperable and secure

Future proof your physical identity and access infrastructure. Remove dependence on vendor specific hardware. Integrate with existing IT, HR and PACS systems with the option to incorporate new systems that you may need to add in the future. OLOID's on-demand integrations have you covered.

Data-driven intelligence

View all entry activity, track and manage access on the fly, respond to changes automatically, and do it remotely from your device without having to call in a professional services team. Leverage OLOID's machine learning based data intelligence to eliminate geo and temporal anomalies.

Frictionless, secure mobile access

A single, unified credential for all your locations. The mobile app offers customizable digital badges with visual verification, automatic entry detection, and remote access features for the fastest, most secure entry experience.

Seamlessly integrated across the organization wide API ecosystem

  • Eliminate the duplication of data and infrastructure
  • Connect HR and IT systems with physical access control
  • Automate physical access provisioning for new hires
  • Automate offboarding, eliminate the risk of unauthorized access
  • Setup dyamic business rules using conditional logic
  • Add new systems and integrations on-demand

Automation and security,
powered by data-intelligence

Take actions based upon organization-wide, real-time, physical access
data, and easily unlock insights without massive manual effort and
offline data processing.

  • Gather data across the organization into BI systems or data lakes
  • Automate data based actions, eliminate duplication & repititon
  • Maintain audit logs of admin portal activity & control who has
    access to data at all times
  • Identify geo or temporal anomalies

Enterprise-grade encryption,
privacy and security

OLOID helps enterprises with merging physical and cybersecurity
in order to adhere to the most stringent security and compliance
standards in the industry.

  • Secured with end-to-end encryption at every level
  • Reliable offline functionality, even if the internet goes down
  • Privacy compliant management of data
  • Delivers improved operational efficiencies and effectiveness
    – across the entire physical security domain
security map

Scalable across multiple sites and geographies

We ensure that the right people have the right level of access to authorized physical spaces at all times, even as the real-estate
footprint of your organization evolves with M&As or expansions.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing on-premise PACS
  • Implement site-specific controls for every location and user
    on a single interface
  • Boost productivity with instant credentialing in the cloud
  • Manage provisioning and de-provisioning of sites, users
    and privileges remotely

Right combination of cloud
& on-premise

Enjoy benefits of cloud-based access without compromising
on security that can be managed from anywhere in the world

  • Implement site-specific controls for every location and
    user on a single interface
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing on-premise PACS
  • Remotely manage provisioning and de-provisioning of
    sites, users and privileges
  • Boost productivity with instant credentialing in the cloud

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