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Bring your own device to the world's first software reader

Why purchase custom hardware when OLOID Smart Reader can transform
an off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet into a facial authentication reader?

GET a smart device of your choice

Buy an off-the-shelf OLOID-certified device

SET it up with the OLOID App

Download App for an easy self-install

GO unlock your doors safely

Integrate seamlessly with PACS

Pick an off-the-shelf OLOID-certified smart device of your choice

OLOID Smart Reader is designed to work with most commercially available off-the-shelf iOS,
Android and Linux hardware. OLOID certified devices have passed the toughest security tests
conducted by the government, defense agencies, and leading technology players.

Give a secure & welcoming experience to
your employees, contractors & visitors

Multiple form factors and modes of authentication

Designed to meet the unique requirements of each installation at your workplace. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the size, form and functionality that fits your entry points.


Designed for iPad Pro

Large screen suited for time clocking or access doors where messages may need to be displayed. Users can choose facial or mobile authentication to gain physical access. Rugged theft deterrent case available.

  • Face with liveness check
  • QR code
  • Network unlock


Designed for iPhone

Compact and ideal for interior doors. Offers contactless biometrics or mobile credentials to gain physical access.

  • Face
  • QR code
  • Network unlock


Designed for Android

Ideally suited for mobile-only (QR and BLE) installs where device cost needs to be minimized. Offers all smart reader capabilities other than facial recognition based authentication.

  • QR code
  • Network unlock

IP-Wiegand Adapter

Using IP-Wiegand Adapter

Connect OLOID’s Software Readers with your existing Controllers (PACS) systems by installing this compact IP-Weigand adapter. Present a clean modern look with no wires by connecting the readers over WiFi and terminating the IP seamlessly on this device in the closet. Comes with standard Weigand wiring and Ethernet port. Conforms to industry standards and integrates with 90+% PACS systems.

device capabilities

Rich set of features offered on most
OLOID certified off-the-shelf devices


Facial authentication, QR code, Tailgate detection, Intercom and more.


Mobile credentials with energy efficient and secure BLE.


Seamless enterprise-grade connectivity using WiFi, Ethernet or PoE.


Track, manage and service users, devices, and access remotely.

Retrofit with PACS
made easy

Watch these videos to see how simple
and quick it is to retrofit your existing PACS
with OLOID Smart Reader.

Installing near the panel

Installing near the reader

Doubles up as a facial recognition time clock

The next generation safety and security solution for deskless workers. Fully integrated with modular gates and time clocks.

Key benefits

  • Eliminate buddy clocking
  • Fast and contactless user experience
  • Reduced wait times for clocking in and out
  • Easy installation as mobile app on off-the-shelf tablets

AI-powered features

  • Enterprise grade accuracy (0% false positives)
  • Hackproof and frictionless liveness detection
  • Offline mode for service continuity with hybrid
    on-device and cloud authentication
  • Integrates with existing PACS
  • Downloadable application on off-the-shelf tablets
  • Encrypted privacy enabled storage with FaceVaultTM
  • Automatic best shot selection, frame capture and intent detection for touchless user interaction

Frequently asked questions

Typically, RFID card readers of access control systems are hardware based. Most vendors of RFID card readers have their own custom hardware that need to be purchased and installed, burdening the customers with a heavy cost upfront. OLOID’s smart reader is a mobile application that can be installed in off the shelf, standard, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. You can purchase an Enterprise Grade hardware such as iOS/Android tablets, smartphones, Linux devices or repurpose an existing one. You are not locked in with a custom hardware.
OLOID’s Smart Reader is very simple to install and configure.
  • Choose a hardware that suits your business needs. OLOID Smart Reader is designed to work with most commercially available off-the-shelf iOS, Android and Linux hardware.
  • Get an Enterprise OLOID Tenant account by speaking with one of our sales executives. Call us on +1 (800) 711-9123.
  • Configure the tenant set up using the Admin Portal. Here you can choose the factor of identity that best serves your business needs. OLOID supports the following forms of identity – Face, QR Code, Cloud key
  • Download OLOID’s enterprise-grade app from the app store.
  • Configure the mobile app and link it to your configured Tenant Account.
  • You are all set to go!
You will be assigned a dedicated implementation consultant who will provide you with all the support you need till Go live.
OLOID primarily supports two out of the box use cases:
  • Access Control
  • Time and Attendance
Both use cases have multimodal authentication, conditional authorization, built-in integrations. Other use cases include checking into workstation, occupancy management etc.
Most vendors require rip and replacement of the readers on the doors and controllers in the closet. However, with OLOID, you can modernize your physical access control by leveraging existing hardware and physical access control systems. For Access Control, the app communicates with your existing PACS system over an IP Wiegand converter.
These are the cost drivers for the OLOID Smart Reader:
  • Off-the-shelf hardware that is purchased by the customer. Please refer to the list of pre-tested certified Enterprise Grade hardware for reference.
  • Enclosure for the hardware that is purchased by the customer. OLOID can recommend enclosures based on our learnings from hundreds of deployments in various indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Subscription cost per user/door depending on the use case.
OLOID Smart Reader natively integrates with Workflow Builder which is a no-code/low-code PACS automation engine that allows businesses to create and drag-n-drop business rules to automate day-to-day security, safety and business operations. OLOID Smart Reader also integrates with the OLOID platform that has a suite of integrations. Click here to learn more about the Integrations that the OLOID Platform supports.
OLOID ensures that the user data is stored and managed as per a robust consent-based privacy framework. OLOID complies with the leading regulations and most stringent legal jurisdictions to minimize compliance risks.
OLOID is built on proven security principles of Single Sign On (SSO) and integrates seamlessly with Okta, Google-suite, Active Directory, and other identity management services. In the modern world, physical and cyber security are not separate entities. OLOID merges physical and logical security by bringing proven security practices in the cyber world and adapting them to the physical world to meet the needs of security-conscious businesses.
Employee onboarding can be done in three ways depending on the business need:
  • Bulk upload using CSV
  • Integrate with your existing identity solution like Okta or Active Directory
  • Manual upload
Absolutely! Click here to schedule a demo. We would love to demonstrate how easy it is to modernize your workplace with OLOID Smart Reader by leveraging existing hardware and physical access control systems.

OLOID Smart Reader Product Guide:

Build your
physical identity
stack with OLOID