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Adopt digital identity,
eliminate electronic
waste and plastic

Let’s not turn our Earth into a massive landfill with electronic waste and non-degradable plastic. Go green! Go digital with OLOID M-Tag, a cardless physical access control solution by OLOID.
The production and consumption of plastic and generation of e-waste or electronic waste in unimaginable quantities are among the major global issues that have emerged from the advent of technology and innovation. Any product, or product that contains electronic components, that has reached the end of its usable life cycle becomes e-waste, which if not disposed properly and responsibly can wreak havoc on our environment, our health and on the lives of other organisms on this planet. They contain toxic materials like mercury, lead, barium, cadmium, and lithium, which cause irreparable damage to human organs.
Similarly, plastic, especially PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), is used in the manufacturing of multiple products, including Proximity cards and RFID cards. Unfortunately, PVC is a non-degradable substance, which only gets broken into smaller pieces, making its way into our food-chain and getting concentrated right on top. It’s many by-products leave an everlasting impact on our health and our planet.

metric tons

Projected PVC
consumption by 2022.

metric tons

Estimated global
production of PVC by 2025.

metric tons

E-waste generated
globally in 2019

metric tons

Projected global
e-waste by 2030

metric tons

in 2021


of the heavy metals in the US landfills
come from discarded electronics

metric tons

US share in global
PVC consumption.


PVC US discards
every year.

Why are we talking about e-waste and PVC as a physical access solution provider

We believe it is important to talk about e-waste and PVC as a physical access solution provider.

Access cards, also known as Proximity cards or key cards, are an essential component of the traditional access control systems. They are used for secured access control at many workplaces and other facilities. Apart from being prone to getting lost or stolen, they also contribute to the damage of our environment. Since they are made up of plastic, they contribute to the generation of e-waste. OLOID’s Go Green initiative is an extension of our PACS solution. Our AI-enabled technology allows you to get rid of the Prox cards/keycards and turn your smartphone into your smart key.

Access cards vs OLOID's mobile solution

Harmful Effects of PVC Plastic
OLOID's Green Solution


Enters our food-chain

Chlorine overdose

Cause cancer

Damage organs

Air, Water & land pollution


No need of Prox cards

Easy to install

Smart &

No health hazards


Opt for a sustainable physical identity and access solution.


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details with any third party for promotional purposes.
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