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OLOID brings together mobility, cloud-based access management and AI for modern workplaces, at ISC East

Cloud-based access management, security, and mobility were amongst the most resounding themes at the recently concluded ISC East, a flagship event hosted by the International Security Conference, in collaboration with the Security Industry Association (SIA), at the Javits Center, New York from 15th to 17th November’ 22. The event saw attendees from the security industry talking about access control, biometrics, IT & IoT, wireless equipment, SaaS solutions, and much more. The OLOID team unveiled the OLOID Cloud Key, which follows the company’s recent launch of OLOID M-Tag, industry’s first self-installable mobile access product to transform physical security and access for modern workplaces.

The OLOID Cloud Key & the OLOID M-Tag have both been well-received by the industry. Both products are aligned with the company’s vision of enabling businesses to upgrade their workplace access technology with frictionless mobile access, without the need to rip and replace existing hardware and access control infrastructure.

As we make progress on the integration of digital credentials with a person’s biometrics, we have started using our smartphones like digital keys – be it for unlocking our mobiles, using various apps, or for online transactions. And it was only a matter of time before smartphones replaced access cards. Currently, various PACS vendors provide mobile access. 

Then how are OLOID’s mobile access solutions different?

The Retrofit Route

While most PACS with mobile access need a complete hardware and system overhaul, OLOID takes the retrofit route, which means it does not require you to rip and replace any hardware at the door or in the closet to modernize your access control systems. The OLOID’s retrofit mobile access solutions are easy to implement, cloud-based, robust, fully secure, affordable, scalable, versatile, and environment-friendly. 

“OLOID is differentiated with its products and solutions because of our focus on leveraging the existing access control infrastructure. We have a retrofit line of products. They integrate with existing physical access control systems. So what we showcased at ISC East is a mobile access product where you can take an existing badge reader or you can take the existing backend access control system and do a snap-on, and you can get mobile access. Similarly, we have ready-to-deploy access control integrations that do not need any heavy installations,” said Mohit Garg, Co-founder and CEO of OLOID.

OLOID Cloud Key launch at ISC East

At ISC East, OLOID launched OLOID Cloud Key – a mobile access solution for antiquated access control systems. It does not need the installation of any new hardware or makes changes to your existing systems. The OLOID Cloud Key activates network unlock and mobile access on legacy PACS such as Indala® and QuadraKeyTM using the cloud. Mobile access can be activated on any door connected to an API-friendly access control system. Since it is a cloud-based integration, OLOID doesn’t need new servers or any special access to your network. The solution received a nod from the attendees and the guests at the event.

The introduction of OLOID Cloud Key at the ISC East follows the launch of OLOID M-Tag, a BLE-powered device that slides over your existing badge readers to enable mobile access in minutes. The OLOID M-Tag, which was launched on Product Hunt and upvoted as the No. 1 Product Of The Day, does not need any rewiring or hardware replacement. One can self-install it without any technical assistance or expertise. Along with the Cloud Key, OLOID also presented the OLOID M-Tag, which got the attendees’ nod for its sheer ability to enable mobile access in a simple, smart and secure way.  

“OLOID is a big believer in the power of the ecosystem that will take the security industry forward. So if you think about the players in the industry i.e. the frontend reader industry and the backend access control systems – we have partnered with both. We integrate with a whole variety of readers seamlessly, so you have full convergence with your frontend infrastructure and also in the backend where you have access control systems. These are very sophisticated systems of record. You don’t want to replicate or replace them. What you want is to bring cloud management over the top of the backend system and bring mobile access to the frontend. OLOID works as an overlay, a retrofit technology, modernizing the frontend through its M-Tag product, and through its API integration with most access control systems, it enables cloud management. We are enabling the current ecosystem as supposed to compete with the ecosystem,” Mohit explained.  

A well-known real estate investor from San Francisco, who is among the early customers of the OLOID, opted for the Cloud Key solution for one of their buildings that used an antiquated badge format. The company was challenged by back-ordered cards due to which new employees could not get their ID badges even weeks after joining. OLOID resolved the struggle by providing frictionless mobile access for new hires as well as existing employees. 

Backed by certified integrations with major PACS, OLOID powered seamless implementation of OLOID Cloud Key. The API-level integration, along with the ability to deploy an on-premise gateway application for direct integration with legacy PACS, eliminated the need to replace or upgrade existing hardware to enable mobile access or remote unlock. As a result, the company upgraded to mobile access without any change in its existing systems, while the experience for the end user remains frictionless and user-friendly. All they needed was the OLOID app, which allows the users to unlock with a click of a button.

“OLOID exists in an environment where the end user, the employee, demands very user-friendly solutions. The employees and the visitors do not want to carry badges. In a hybrid workplace, people are coming to work once in a while. OLOID enables mobile access on existing installations of access control systems. It also plays very well with both on-premise ad cloud systems with our integrations. So in this world where companies want fully integrated mobile experience on the frontend and the backend, OLOID is fulfilling that promise on both sides of the coin,” Mohit added. 

OLOID solutions and products were unanimously appreciated at the ISC East, with one of the presenters referring to OLOID products as the most innovative and exciting at the event. “We at OLOID are determined to innovate and build solutions that simplify the access experience. OLOID Cloud Key is one such stride in that direction. The feedback that we received at the ISC East, especially on Cloud Key and OLOID M-Tag, solidifies the narrative that what we are doing at OLOID is truly disruptive and innovative,’’ said Daniel Garcia, Director of Sales at OLOID. 

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