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Oloid's Software provides a comprehensive of features and capabilities which could previously be achieved by combining vendor products and custom hardware solutions. No more complex firmware upgrades. Enjoy the benefits of always-on and up-to-date Software-as-a-service and Integrations.

Multi-Modal Identity

Multi-Modal Authentication
Options to Choose From

Oloid provides a wide range of multi-modal authentication options:

Facial Authentication
QR code
Cloud/remote key (for remote unlock)

multi modal identity
Modern Identity Management

Easy Onboarding and Off-Boarding of Users

Add or remove users into the Oloid system dynamically using one of the available options:
Using the Oloid Mobile App or Cloud Platform
Automated sync with customer's data store
CSV uploads
User group Management
Enable granular authorizations using user groups
Consent Management
multi modal identity
If-This-Then-That Rule Engine

Low Code Physical world Workflow Designer

Oloid Workflows enables flexible workflows, Integration & Exception triggers as if-this-then logic rules based on identity attributes and configuration. This can be set up using a no-code/low-code logic to tailor the business rules for each location.
multi modal identity
Learn how it works down to the code level

Watch our in-depth technical demo

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effortless installation

One step closer to Self Installation

  • checkmark Wiegand Protocol
  • checkmark HID Badge Readers
  • checkmark Multiple Bit Formats
  • checkmark Commercial PACS
  • 1

    Select End Point Type
    Smart Reader/IP Camera

  • 2

    Self Purchase
    Off-The-Shelf Device

  • 3

    Download and install
    Oloid Application

  • 4

    Connect to PACS
    API or Weigand Converter

  • 5

    Provision Users and Go Live
    1-2 weeks, No SI Required

New Frontiers of Access Control

Common requirements most Access control systems lack that Oloid remediates

Most Security teams have learned to live with the inadequacies of the existing access control system. Its time to change and take security to next level


Endpoint Fleet & Health Management

Remotely Maintain and Manage Readers from Anywhere

  • Admins can remotely manage and monitor the fleet of devices from the Admin Portal
  • Real-time device health details such as connectivity, battery etc can be viewed directly from the portal.
  • Additionally, receive health alerts for devices that go offline or for those that face an error


Get Email and SMS Alerts Anywhere

  • Oloid can send out text or email alerts in case Pre-action authorization checks are not cleared. For Eg: Alerts can be sent out if a user does not pass the wellness check during the check in process. This allows for enterprises to direct the user to an alternative workflow.

Low code third party validation

Drag and Drop, Simple Scripting based validation

  • If an enterprise wishes to add additional authorization checks by checking for user attributes in existing legacy system, Oloid can easily integrate with such legacy systems by using Oloid’s low code validation module. For Eg: If an enterprise wishes to include employee workplace schedules to the list of validations in the workplace entry/access control process, Oloid can incorporate the additional checks.

Anomaly and spoof detection

Continuous Security and Threat monitoring

  • Oloid performs additional verification and applies a confidence scoring method to prevent unauthorized access. This verification is designed toprevent unauthorized access with brute force methods such as picture/video presentation attacks. For high security zones (e.g. stock rooms,data centers) a second factor of authentication may be deployed.

Reports and Analytics

Custom Reports and Charts

  • The Oloid platform captures data from all transactions for providing insights on physical spaces, movement, access, productivity analytics.
  • Daily Reports can also be configured in the Oloid portal to be sent to the inboxes of the admins/supervisors.

Flexible workflows

Sophisticated workflows created with ease

  • Enterprises have the flexibility to choose components of the Authentication, Authorization and Action workflow based on their business needs. For example, it is very easy to configure the check in process in Oloid to skip wellness checks if the user has been vaccinated.
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