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Retrofit your Doors and Turnstiles With Simple, Smart & Secure Mobile Access
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Why Retrofit with Oloid's BLE Module?

Oloid’s Retrofit BLE module is a lightweight and inexpensive mobile access solution for modernizing physical access control. No need to rip and replace existing badge readers and hardware in the closet.

Turn your smartphone into a smart key
Improve employee experience with a contactless mobile-based access
No need to rip and replace
Get a free Retrofit BLE Module for your existing HID® reader
Easy administration and integration
Seamlessly integrates physical access with your existing systems
Upgrade your access control systems with mobile access

Provide secure access over a mobile app to your employees, contractors and visitors using existing locks and hardware.

Turn your existing readers and badge systems contactless

Oloid's BLE retrofit module enables touchless access and is compatible with most popular badge formats and readers.

Quickest and easiest way to retrofit your existing doors

You don't need any specialized expertise or technical skills for installation. All it takes is 5 mins of installation.

A free upgrade to smart access
You do not have to pay for any wiring or hardware. The upfront cost is 0$ with self installation. Subscription required after the free trial period.
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Get complete control of your access system on your mobile with Oloid App
Coming soon on: App Store Google Play
Android and IOS 2 (1)
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and contactless
mobile experience
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Includes a replacement
warranty for your existing
badge readers
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Secured with
encryption &
privacy compliant
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On-demand access
logs, analytics and reports
for administrators
Making upgrade to mobile access a no-brainer

Oloid’s Retrofit BLE Module hardware is available at no cost with a qualified subscription. With self-installation, Oloid is bringing first ever 0$ mobile access solution to the market.

Other Players Cost Comparison
$600 - $1,200 Hardware Free
$500 - $1,000 Installation Free (5-Min Self-Installation)
Per Door Subscription SaaS Per Door Subscription
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"Oloid’s Retrofit BLE Module is a great innovation for businesses looking to upgrade their existing systems. It is also a brilliant solution for people who often forget to carry their access cards to work. This product is going to be a game changer."

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Vineet Jain
CEO, Egnyte
  • The future of work requires dynamic and touchless access to employees, contractors and visitors. Badges present a security risk from lost or stolen badges and can be easily copied. With mobile access you can onboard or off-board users remotely. Mobile access is the future.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE is a wireless technology used in an array of products and applications related to security, access control, home entertainment, healthcare, fitness, etc. BLE devices use less energy and are usually lightweight and inexpensive. They are compatible with all popular smartphones. Oloid's BLE module employs strong encryption to ensure secure access. 

  • Oloid's Retrofit BLE Module offers an easy-to-install and retrofit solution to your existing access card reader system. All you need is our Retrofit BLE Module, and your smartphone with our app installed in it

    • Attach the BLE retrofit module on top of the existing badge reader
    • Create an account and enable the device on Oloid's admin interface
    • Register existing badge IDs that require mobile access
    • Use the mobile app to unlock the door

    The device can be self-installed and activated in 5 minutes. The entire process for setting up your team with mobile access takes less than 30 minutes.

  • Oloid's Retrofit BLE Module is compatible with most commonly used badge readers and badge formats. Oloid is constantly expanding its list of compatible devices. If you are unsure about compatibility, please add the make and model of your reader and bit format in the comment section when you sign up for Beta. We will review and get back to you promptly.

  • Oloid’s Retrofit BLE Module hardware is available at no cost with a qualified subscription. The per door subscription cost is comparable to other solutions in the market which makes the overall cost of upgrade significantly lower than solutions that require rip and replacement of the badge reader and closet hardware. With self-installation, the upfront cost is practically 0$.

  • Oloid's BLE retrofit solution is completely backward compatible. By default, the badges will continue to work along with mobile access. You can choose to disable badge access for higher security.  Plus, we have a dedicated and a very prompt support team to assist you if you ever face technical issues.

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Beta customers will receive the Retrofit BLE Module for $0 with a free subscription for 2 months. In return, we only ask for product feedback. This free period will be reduced to a two-week trial after the Beta program ends. Sign up today to reserve your spot in the Beta program.