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Secure your Workplace with AI-Enabled Access Control

Oloid overlays multi-modal authentication with modern and secure credentials such as mobile and face while seamlessly integrating with your existing controllers and reader infrastructure
  • Line of codes 5M+ Transactions per Month
  • Line of codes 5,000+ Endpoints
  • Line of codes 150+ Locations
  • Line of codes 370+ Integrations
  • Line of codes 30M+ Image Dataset
  • Line of codes 350,000+ Lines of Code
Security by Design

Flexible Cloud-based Access Management with Hack-proof On-Device Authentication

You shouldn't have to choose between the convenience of Cloud provisioning and exposing your security credentials outside your firewall. Oloid provides the best of both worlds with a truly hybrid solution with on-prem Smart Readers and Cloud-based Access Management. Now all your people can enjoy secure and contactless authentication, not just smartphone users.

  • Secure Touchless Access
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Tailgating Detection
  • Secure Virtual Perimeters
Modern & Contactless

Secure your most important assets with the choice of mobile and facial authentication

Your assets and IP are vulnerable to theft. Badges can be lost and used to gain unauthorized access with malicious intent. Why risk impersonation and unauthorized access when there’s an easy solution that can secure your workplace? Enable touchless biometric authentication and offer the choice of using mobile credentials

  • checkmark Off-the Shelf hardware
  • checkmark Quick & Easy onboarding
  • checkmark Biometric Authentication
  • checkmark Wiegand & OSDP
  • checkmark Self Installation
  • checkmark Offline Operation
Multi-modal Authentication

Enable Access with Multiple form factors

Employees can choose contactless biometrics or mobile credentials to gain physical access. Make the workplace inclusive and accessible to all - Smartphone and Non-smartphone users.

  • checkmark Face
  • checkmark Bluetooth
  • checkmark QR Code
  • checkmark Badge
  • checkmark Cloud Key
  • checkmark Multifactor
Prevent Unauthorized Access

Detect and Notify tailgating instantly

Oloid companion cameras detect tailgating and send automated alerts to the security team or reminders to the tailgater. Alerting the employees helps enhance workplace security by reminding them to always self authenticate. Enable the security team to proactively address risk and threats.

  • checkmark Detection with Camera
  • checkmark Automated Alerts
  • checkmark Cloud Back up
Gate-less Perimeter Security

Secure Virtual Perimeters when Doors and Walls are not Practical

Set up virtual masks on floor plans to automatically surveil IP camera feeds to identity and verify access of each person entering the restricted areas. Alerts for unauthorized access can be programmed to be sent to GSOC and VMS systems.

  • checkmark Virtual Floor Markers
  • checkmark Facial Recognition
  • checkmark Real-time Alerts
  • checkmark IP Camera
  • checkmark Encrypted Video
  • checkmark Dashboard
Next Generation Security

Bringing the Principles of Anomaly Detection from the Cyber World to Physical Security

The online world has benefited from event and data analysis by providing continuous authentication and anomaly detection. Just like how a computer can prompt for a second factor of authentication when a user tries login from a suspicious region, Oloid can use data correlation from past access timestamps and locations to determine the risk of compromised, lost or stolen badges.
At Flex, we are committed to providing a safe environment for our workforce. Oloid is helping us achieve this objective.
Peter Hunt, VP Brand protection & Security, Flex
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