Workflow Builder

Your workplace, your rules Define the business logics, integrate them as you like

With Oloid’s workflow builder, you can define and configure rules for multiple endpoints to manage various events at your workplace from anywhere in the world at any given time.
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Browser-based editor

Create and manage events from anywhere, anytime

This flow-based editor can be used in a browser, giving you the flexibility to access it from anywhere. You can connect multiple hardwares, APIs and other services to create events you want to trigger at your workplace entry points.
Versatile and flexible

Configure business logics to reduce friction at workplace

The workflow builder has different nodes which can be connected together to build multiple flows. These flows can be integrated with various endpoints for the event execution by simply deploying them on cloud or on premises.
Automatic Data Synchronization

Eliminate the need to sync the data manually

The workflow can be used to automatically sync the data between two or more databases, irrespective of its connectivity to any of the Oloid apps, making data sharing and business operations effortless, secure and seamless.
Build your own template

Define. Configure. Repeat

You don’t need to recreate flows for an approved function every time. Simply templatize the commonly used functions and frequently used flows for a quicker turnaround.

Give your workplace the versatility it needs to provide the most secure work environment along with exceptional employee experience.

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